Can You Flash Your Piece On Someone To Deter Them?

This is disappointing news:

concealed-carry-neck-idI’m kidding of course… obviously less problems the better.  De-escalation is always key.  There are only a few rules in life which every man should abide by though, and 2 of those are definitely 1) Don’t touch another man’s wife / girlfriend / kids.  2) Don’t touch with another man’s vehicle.  Tourists are so annoying when it comes to expensive cars.  Sometimes I just want to yell at them and be like “DUDE CAN YOU NOT TOUCH THAT CAR, SINCE IT’S NOT YOURS? YA THANKS.” Must be because when a 18 year old gets a picture touching a car worth several hundred thousand dollars all his followers will believe it’s his… but if he’s just respectfully standing next to it they will know it’s not and he’ll lose internet cred. haha *eye roll*

1:38 – Well that escalated quickly.  I’m sure stuff like this happens daily in the hood / various shitty areas in general.

Why didn’t the guy in the video have a concealed carry badge or a concealed carry neck ID?  0/10 would not operate with. LOL

Thoughts?  Pistol whipping is still OK if de-escalation fails right?




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