Steve McQueen Wanted His California Gun Permit Renewed

A cool bit of history:


This was a letter to his Lawyer Edward Rubin.  It was found out that McQueen was on Charles Manson’s ‘Death List’ along with Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Tom Jones.  Steve reportedly carried a gun everywhere after Manson’s followers murdered his friend, actress Sharon Tate.  I watched a few documentaries on Charles Manson and the Manson Family in the past, and wow was that some messed up stuff.  All before violent video games, “tougher gun laws” etc… there still were batshit crazy people who broke the law.   You know what I think might help… making even more rules and laws. *sarcasm*

If Steve were alive I bet we would be bros.  He would secretly have read my blog for years, then once I dropped the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt he would contact me directly saying we should get lunch.  We’d bond over Rolexes, guns, cars, and design.  He’d introduce me to several of his Hollywood female acquaintances, who I would romance and drop subtle anecdotes about on the blog.  Ultimately I’d marry into some old money, inherit her fathers vast gun collection, and flex on you guys non stop.  Eventually there would be a hater, whose salty attitude and jealousy reaches a boiling point.  He makes a promise to himself that once I down voted 100 of his Disqus comments, he would shoot me in front of Starbucks.  This happens a week later, and a nation mourns.  Starbucks releases a limited edition drink in my honor called the ENDO, which is two shots of espresso and one shot of whiskey, covered in gold leaf.  They proudly emboss my Guns And Coffee logo on every cup.


Gat tip: Lee



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