AREX Slovenian Made Pistol

CAD, machining, good production value..  you know I had to post it:

The Polenar Tactical squad made this video.  I always thought “Yea these guys aren’t bad with a camera”, but this video was VERY well done.  If their new AK Operator Training Video Series looks this nice when it’s complete, I’m sure it will do great.

Looks like Slovenia doesn’t play when it comes to weapons manufacturing.  I always feel so ignorant to the capabilities of the rest of the world after I see a video like this an am like “Wow, I didn’t think Slovenia was that sophisticated!”.  That’s really based of nothing particular besides my lack of worldly knowledge and the fact I can’t name anything Slovenian that I own or want to buy, so automatically I just make assumptions.

No matter how many times a machinist tries to tell me that you need to “program” CNC machines, I don’t think I’ll ever believe it.  It’s 2015 bro… I know you’re just taking my .stl file hitting the green button then spending the money I gave you on some cool new shit online. LOL

arex-slovenia-pistol4:18 – That’s a really nice looking handgun.  Kinda HK meets Sig-ish.  If you want to see the specs check out the AREX website.

Thoughts? Out of curiosity do they export these?



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