Andrew Fiasco With Another One On FireClean

WOOOooooooooooo damn Andrew “Vuurwapen” Tuohy is really going in.   This time it’s SHOTS FIRED at the Vickers Tactical / FireClean video below:

Ok so the problem here Andrew says (backed up with 1080p screenshots) is that different ammo was used in the test to support the point they wanted to, which was that FireClean is the best.  He even names the post “Where there’s smoke there’s liar”.  OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  haha I love it.  Clever post titles are the shit.

I just have this to say to Andrew:

If you missed my first two posts on this scandal: Is Fireclean Simply Crisco? A Scandal Of Epic Proportions? and Chemistry Professor Compares Crisco And Fireclean there are some additional videos and links in there which are relevant.  If you read comments on blog posts and FireClean’s own Facebook page you’ll see people white knighting them just because “it works”, regardless what the makeup is.  If there’s one thing about a scandal it’s that most people love to pick a side and defend it to the death.  I’m not sure if this one in particular will get 100% resolved either way, but I don’t really care anyway because I don’t shoot much and I have a big bottle of Breakfree CLP which works fine for my operations.

Thoughts?  What direction do you see this fiasco headed next?  At the very least I foresee a whole bunch of “parody” CLPs hitting the market, some funny videos, and maybe a morale patch or two.  If I didn’t have a million better ideas, I’d roll with something like that just for the lulz.



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