NOIR – S04E01 Is Very Impressive

A strong first episode of this 4th season:

The production value and editing is top notch this season so far. Better than ever.  The sponsors were mentioned a few times by name on screen, but not really plugged.  The non-sponsored (I’m assuming anyways) brands were the most noticeable… Brixton, Nike SB.  A lot of good discussion in this episode.  I really hope that trend continues.

4:35 – Oh hell ya Upscale Hype‘s Allen Onyia (guy with beard and polo shirt).  I love that guy’s site.  I followed him for a long time, before I found out from Colion Noir that they were buddies.

8:34 – *her sass activated*. Colion getting CHARGED UP.

9:48 – “Me having a gun… I’m no threat to anyone.  I just want to live my life”.  EXACTLY.

13:47 – The “athletic shooting” and watching him shoot in general as I mentioned in the past really isn’t my cup of tea.  It’s obviously something a lot of his other viewers have expressed interest in though I’m assuming, otherwise he probably wouldn’t be putting in the episodes.  It was actually a very small part of this episode though, so definitely tolerable.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadNo one else has a show like this in the gun community.  I hope other similar shows pop up eventually for our entertainment; he really set the bar and it’s going to be a VERY tough level to even come close to.




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