Everybody In The Club Getting Shot

Gross mishandling of firearms, little person in bondage gear as a prop, and various other negligent shenanigans:

I listen to a lot of rap and watch a lot of rap videos, so this doesn’t even phase me.  Some of your heads are going to explode though, after like 10 seconds into the video.  Sure they are all plastic guns, but you know as well as I do that once you handle and respect real firearms it’s really uncomfortable to even think about doing something similar with a realistic (although brightly colored) looking fake gun like putting it in your mouth and putting the trigger.  Maybe that’s just me, but I just would feel weird even doing that as a joke.

I’m not really a big fan of the rapper Father, but this song is sort of catchy I’ll give him that.  So many of these rappers follow such a formula now, already established by other rappers.  The beats… the rhymes… most seem so derivative.

0:48 – It pisses me off that people call these things “hoverboards” now.   Uh nah it doesn’t “HOVER” son.  It might have something to do with that stupid Wiz Khalifa story of him getting arrested at LAX riding one of those… acting like a spokesperson of our generation.  Hmm interesting I just googled him and he’s 28.   Looking like someones sweet grandmother with those glasses and braids.

0:54 – Spin the knife rather than spin the bottle haha.

2:07 – Mass murder *yawn*.  This guy is trying too hard to be edgy like Tyler, and like how Odd Future was in general.

Everyone-Club-Getting-Shot-Rap-VideoThoughts?  Are people still getting shot in clubs anyway?  I lived through that…. sooooo early 2000s.  *smh* hipsters trying to bring everything back.

Gat tip: Jeremy




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