Uncut Travis Haley Negligent Discharge

Panteao released the full video:

From the video description:

This will be the first and last time we comment publicly on this incident. Given the firestorm surrounding the video which was recently released without our authorization, we felt it necessary to publicly state our position regarding the matter:

I was getting tagged dozens of times in a 5 second clip of this video on Instagram.  I had no idea what the context was since the clip was so short, so I gave Travis the benefit of the doubt initially.  In this full video we see him demonstrating pushing his index finger on the magazine release at 1:46 when it slips off and hits the trigger which fires a round off.  Embarrassing?  Sure.  No one died and hopefully he learned from the incident.  What else can a person do right?  I’ve never had an accidental or negligent discharge, but I also don’t handle firearms day in and day out, and manipulate loaded firearms in front of cameras while talking and demonstrating different things.

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOEven operators make mistakes, and it’s lucky they were taking precautions during filming.  Thank god his beautiful skin was not compromised in any way.

Thoughts?  Anyone else curious the drama surrounding this “unauthorized release”?  Like was a hard drive stolen from Panteao HQ Oceans 11 style and then given to anon who uploaded it hundreds of times on every social media website?  I hope it’s that scandalous.  If you know the story, catch me up in the comments.




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