Jerry Cranks His Gat Faster Than You Can Imagine

I’m assuming this video is “sponsored”.  GET THAT MONEY JERRY:

Jerry-MiculekI didn’t think Jerry would touch such a product with a 10ft pole, even for money.   I blogged about the product a while back, and was underwhelmed mainly due to the shitty video the company made.  For $30 though, if it will put a smile on your face once then why not right?

1:53 – I should have known Jerry would be able to turn the crank 1000x faster than the derps in the company made Gat Crank video linked above.  Man if the mainstream media gets put onto that footage that a “STANDARD AR-15 CAN BE TURNED INTO AN ASSAULT RIFLE”, we’re doomed.  Actually, they already think anyone can just walk into a gun store and buy an automatic firearm anyway so this probably wouldn’t even faze them.

You liking this product any more now that Jerry lit it up? My guess is the company sells lots of these now.



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