When It All Falls Down Stacy Dash Says Arm Everyone

She’s not clueless.  Real talk outside LAX:

When I went do Disneyland with my girlfriend a couple weeks ago we saw Jason Priestley (Who was drunk AF at baggage claim) at LAX, and the boy Jacob Tremblay (who played the little girl in the movie Room) was on our plane.  I barely ever recognize celebs until someone points them out to me.  They are usually shorter than I would expect, and rarely baller enough looking to be a blip on my radar.

Oh and you know me… Anything to talk about ‘Ye guys. Stacy Dash is in this video below.  Coincidentally it also appears to take place at LAX.  She pretty much looks the same, even though this video is from 2003:

Stacey-DashThoughts?  More guns in the clubs is a viable solution?  What about if the person is drinking?



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