Sheepdog Fan Fiction On Weight Reduction

I had to do one for the AR-15 stock I blogged about yesterday:

The last of Jared's typical 3600 calorie lunch made its way down his gullet, in the form of a noisy final sip from a large Wendy's chocolate Frosty. Disappointed it was done, he flippantly tossed the empty cup onto the back seat of his King Ranch Super Duty, where it ricocheted off his folded up prized tricked out (not medically necessary) mobility scooter before coming to rest in the sea of weeks worth of trash on the floor. "Gotta fuel the beast, DEUS VULT!" he said loudly, then typed in the name of the gun shop across town into Google maps to check on traffic. The ultralight aluminum AR-15 stock he ordered for his build had finally arrived. Jared had been talking about completing his featherweight AR-15 build forever, and this was one of the final pivotal pieces for weight reduction before he would send the other skeletonized parts off to a special machinist. The particular machinist was known for heating up and then micro infusing aluminum and titanium with helium gas molecules, an expensive but worthwhile process lauded by those into extreme weight reduction. Between all the skeletonized items and various other fancy low weight parts, he was already into this build for over $2000. “Ounces equal pounds” was the motto him and the other tacticians online lived and died by. No cost would be spared. Jared hit START on the google maps navigation, wiped the sweat out of his chins with the shemagh draped loosely around his neck, then shifted the mighty King Ranch into drive. Florida Georgia Line “Meant To be” boomed through the speakers, which Jared took as a sign from god in regards to his project finally coming to fruition.

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I’m thrilled a lot of you guys get a kick out of the stories.





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