Young Turks Say 3D Printing Guns Is Gunning For Trouble


0:49 – LOL that quote. Alan Gottlieb is a G for that one.

1:09 – Yup here it is, the bullet points they love to lose their minds over.  I love the last one the most: “StAtE AcToRs or RicH CriMiNaL CaRtEls AcRoSS ThE WoRld.”

3:05 – This guy’s hunch is that the NRA will come out against this for “safety”.  I bet they won’t say anything at all about it (which will piss many pro-gun people off tons too), but who knows.  At least one NRA show member (Dana Loesch) supports 3D printed guns.  I didn’t see any statement at the start of her videos (like Colion Noir’s NRATV videos have), but the NRA as an organization seems to like to distance themselves from the opinions of even they people who have shows on their network.  I guess legally that’s probably the slickest thing to do, because then if people get all up an arms about something inflammatory a particular person said they can just throw their hands up like “WHOA WHOA read the disclaimer buddy.  That’s his/her view, not ours.”.  Convenient.

5:42 – Oh here we go… comparing guns to bazookas and anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.

If you missed it, this is all in regard to the US State Dept settling it’s lawsuit with Defense Distributed, allowing them to publish gun files online.




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