RTS TriggerShield To Absolutely Keep Your Booger Hook Off The Bangswitch

I’m not 100% sure this is serious… but at the same time I know deep down it is.  Holy this video is the highest of all the speeds, and the lowest drag I’ve ever seen in a while:

Cosigned by real operators.  It’s called the RTS TriggerShield, and it’s a mere $50…. can you really put a price on your safety though?  This is what it officially does, according to their website:


RTS TriggerShield is a first-of-its kind inherent safety device, designed to prevent unintentional contact with the trigger. RTS TriggerShield does not impede the operator’s smooth, tactical, and purposeful access to the trigger. Designed by experienced shooters, RTS TriggerShield has been tested and perfected by active and former Special Operations Forces and Law Enforcement Officers.

Always…Shoot on PURPOSE.

These lads took “KeEp YUr BoOgEr HoOk Off ThE BaNgsWitCH” so literally, they actually spent thousands of dollars to make a mold for this product… not to mention all the additional work that went into the video and website etc..

My favorite part about the website has to be the credential flexing at the bottom.  I screenshotted it for posterity.  Naturally if you’re on the actual website you can click their names and see a multi-paragraph bio for each one of them, laced with buzzwords:

LOL so epic.  So is this a real product?  Is it doing real numbers?  Is everyone you know talking about how they love theirs or how they want to get one?  I’m assuming the answer is an emphatic “HELL YA BRUTHER!” to all of those, and I actually want to just call it at night; Monday at 7:20 PM… that’s how done I am with the world after seeing this today. 😭😆

These guys should go on SharkTank.  Kevin is not going to like that Tesla-ass-looking logo though, he will see that as an issue illtellyouwhUt.


Gat tip: @delta_beaver_6




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