Talk Shit About The NRA In Country Music And Get Your Career Ended Apparently

The VICE dude with the kid & play hi top fade gets the scoop:

Ok well I’m glad this Drew guy wasn’t gunpologizing at all.  He’s like yea whatever I’m into guns, and I sing a song about guns.. my political views don’t matter.  Good stuff, I wish more people would just intelligently approach it like that.

3:30 – This old dude Don Cusic said “No.  It is not safe for a country artist to criticize the NRA.  Careers can go down the tubes pretty quick.  You can be an outcast.”.  Yea I could see that happening; everyone’s mom and aunties need something to be mad about on Facebook.

4:00 – haha these three country music people they had just outed themselves in the most high key way possible.  This Susan Ruth girl just sat there smirking for the first little bit then dropped an absolute atom bomb kind of unrelated to the topic at hand.. but she said “I would argue that there’s a few country artists that are likely gay, but won’t come out because it will ruin their career” *as she looks at those two guys across from her*.

Thoughts?  Ya ya get your pitchforks because I posted a VICE video.  No I do not get paid to post VICE videos contrary to what one dude in the comments a while back speculated.  It’s just some low hanging fruit when it comes to CoNteNt… and you fellas know I’m all about the low hanging fruit and the content.

Oh I almost forgot, here’s that Drew Baldridge Guns & Roses song if you care to listen (assuming you have Spotify). I’m not going to get carried away and and give it my coveted “Certified 2nd Amendment banger” stamp of approval, but honestly it’s not bad as far as corny and fun gun related country music goes.  I’d probably make the crowd go absolutely crazy at my 2nd Amendment warehouse party by sneak-mixing it in between Skinbone – 100 Miles and Rich Brian – Dat $tick.




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