HipShotDot – Bruh… Bruh… Just No

Holy this is so dumb its genius:

*sigh* I get what it’s trying to accomplish, but come on… a suction cup with an LED and a ugly cord?  Oh no baby what is you doin?

I looked it up on Amazon, and to my surprise the cool teens (or gaming teens anyways) must love it.  It has a solid 4 star rating and 955 customer reviews.  Astonishing.

I never touch my screens… ever, so putting a suction cup on one of them would make me lose my mind.  I remember when my girlfriend moved in with me she pointed at something on my computer screen and touched it, and I gasped.  She thought it was funny, and I pretended like I didn’t actually care.  I don’t remember the exact timeline of when I cleaned the fingerprint off the screen, but I’m guessing it was pretty close to after it happened.  I definitely would have been lowkey about it though and pretended I needed to go clean my glasses with the microfiber cloth, then casually ran it across the fingerprint on the screen when she was off doing something else.  Oh well it’s all good, she figured out pretty quickly that I’m a weirdo so I don’t even have to hide it anymore.





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