Open Carrying An AR-15 Pistol With A Brace To Troll The Police

One of these heroes again: “ACHKSHULLY OFFICER IT’S A PISTOL IT’S NOT A RIFLE” 🙄:

To each their own, but I’d prefer to not do anything during my lifetime that would elicit the response of seven police officers all fully prepared to shoot me.  That might be fun for some of you, but I wouldn’t find it enjoyable.

0:34 – Oh man.. at that timestamp he actually says “this is a 2nd Amendment Audit” 😭😂 legendary, I’m totally stealing that line.

The cops are very professional, asking the guy if he could make some compromises to try to minimize the risk to the public.  Sure he could ignore those requests and just get into this situation again if it’s fun for him… like I said to each their own; as we know he’s within his legal rights.

13:07 – To make this story even sweeter we find out he’s carrying an FNX Tactical pistol as well.  He really should get an inert M72 LAW to carry as well, just to put the icing on the trolling cake.  “Um sorry officer but I wasn’t aware that a NON FUNCTIONING rocket tube was against the law.  Is It?  Show me the law if it is?  Am I being detained?  Am I free to go?  If I’m not free to go, am I being detained then?  What am I being charged with?”

Thoughts? You fellas going to preform your own 2nd Amendment audit and film it?  Imagine… imagine being a police officer responding to shit like this.  Your heart rate goes through the roof when the call comes in… you’re speeding there with your lights and sirens on… not knowing what kind of mayhem awaits… only to encounter… THIS DAMN PIZZA DELIVERY MAN WITH SOME FREE TIME TO TROLL YOU. *adrenaline dump* . I really need to ruin your day with a sheepdog fan fiction on that topic soon.




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