Dante’s Inferno 1911 For Rich Guys Only

I need some rich guy shit like this in my life:

I’d definitely want to take a few classes with it, just to stunt on the poors with Glocks and Wilson Combat 1911s.  Then everyone would make fun of me for likely having tons of classic 1911 jams with it, but I’d roll with the punches and call up the chef to cater lunch for the class just as an apology for putting up with my typical bullshit.

I feel like a lot of rich guys are so cultured and educated they could probably quote their favorite part of Dante’s inferno (in Italian). If you’ve been to any of the major museums in the world, there’s normally at least a few Dante’s Inferno inspired paintings, which btw are typically terrifying looking. Sure they are incredibly detailed and artistically everything about them is amazing, but you’d have to be a serial killer to want something so grotesque in your actual home. I’m more into the nouveau riche stuff like Kaws, George Condo, Roy Lichtenstein, Warhol, Basquiat etc. My other other exposure to Dante’s Inferno is at the end of the Action Bronson song CHOP CHOP CHOP where he samples this old Italian guy reading it haha.  Because I feel the need to always shove rap in your face here’s the song:

Thoughts? You fellas ever wish you hadn’t seen someone in concert, and could just appreciate their music like you used to?  I still like Action Bronson’s music a lot, but when he came to Portland he played like 3 songs.  The lineup for beer was huge and slow moving, and once we finally got some the lights went on and the concert was over.  I can’t stand things like that.  I think that might even even been the last rap concert I went to (and that was more than a few years ago).

I should probably mention Cabot makes the 1911, if anyone actually cares.




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