Pass The Gun Magazine – Remix Of TikTok Challlenge

Cute, but didn’t really need to be 7 minutes long:

4:58 – Of course Brandon TheAkGuy actually broke the mold and did something entertaining.  heheh Monica.

As I mentioned, this started as a TikTok makeup brush challenge if you care to cringe.

Thoughts?  Am I the only one who doesn’t know who at least half those people are?  Should I?  If there are any hidden gems I’m missing out on that I haven’t posted ever, I’d hope you guys would give me the heads up.  I think you guys know me well enough by now, to know what I like to post.

Wild that this is a CMMG produced video.  I had no idea they were still around; last I heard about them was when I used to log into ARFCOM like 10 years ago, and all I heard about was the BruThers losing their minds over the tactical bacon.  haha it still appears to be a flagship product too (one of the slides in the top slider thing).  I don’t know how much I thought a can of bacon would be… maybe like $7?  $10?  I almost fell off my chair when I saw they are $23 each.




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