VICE On Glock Auto Sear Switches – The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

Haha I actually wasn’t expecting this from VICE:

Criminals are breaking the law?  Shocking.  203 federal court cases with auto sears last YEAR?  They obviously don’t spend much time on “hood Instagram stories” … I see about that many videos a week with random people using them who definitely don’t have the proper paperwork.

4:40 – Whoa they confiscated about 600 drop in AR-15 auto sears from some dude in Oklahoma.  Yikes, that guy isn’t going to be seeing the light of day for a long time.

5:27 – Damn, being a police officer would be terrifying.

5:40 – Low key where can I get an ATF pillow for my office?  The embroidery detail on that looks immaculate.

6:06 – Guys, I swear that isn’t me.  *nervous laughter*

Here’s some footage from Recoil of my ENDO Tactical Glock adapter in action on a Glock with a switch 😎. Look at that brass fly! (the vid works despite not having a thumbnail for some reason):

Thoughts?  Much like Jay, I get a handful of emails a month from people (who don’t understand what a blog is) wanting to buy switches because of past posts similar to this one I did where I mentioned them.  So many people don’t bother reading anything… likely just saw the words, picture, or a video clip I posted.. hit the contact button up top on this page and fired off an email.  If some dudes put as much effort into a career or hobby as they do in trying to go to prison, they would have pretty fulfilling and enjoyable lives.



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