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0:11 – Wat?  Looking like a gay Australian fight club.  To be perfectly honest, that cuttoff Steve is wearing looks like a FoG (Fear of God) flannel I wanted to buy for layering.  I can’t hate on the man much for that maneuver.  LOL I never thought I’d be upgrading Steve Lee because of menswear (even […]

This guy has annoyed me since day 1.  Now he’s “shooting fish in a barrel” har har har: This is a serious question: Are “Oakley Gascan” style sunglasses standard issue to every guy in Australia?  I swear every tourist, and every picture or video I’ve ever seen of an Australian guy, he has those on. […]

This guy is the worst: He may be on our side, but as I said before he’s the Australian Nickelback of gun songs, and I mean that in the most non-flattering way possible.  Even the videos are so “Hey look I own a digital SLR and exploit the shit out of depth of field!”.  I […]

This guy is the Australian Nickleback of crappy songs about firearms: Wow that was corny and useless.   Please tell me Steve doesn’t make “music” full time. The only good part was when the trucker showed him a Hi-point and asked if he had ever seen one. So is Steve living, or god forbid touring […]

On this new track/video “Life is Good”: I say it all the time, Hickok45 is the man!   Him teaming up with Steve Lee though, is basically comparable to Al Pacino and Pee Wee Herman making a movie together. Unless you want to hear Steve Lee’s predictably poor lyrics and the same basic song composition […]

Either step your game up, or retire: Skip to 50 seconds if you don’t want to hear someone say “lord” what seems like about 50 times in a lengthy prayer. The video was filmed at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot this past fall.   Long time followers of this blog might remember that I’m not a […]