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You know, since VODA was the first one ever to shoot with a knife in hand: Hundreds of years humanity has had firearms, and VODA was the first one to develop a system (which he calls EDA/ECK) where he incorporates a knife into the grip of the handgun.  Incredible. If you don’t believe him you […]

I’m always happy to see this guy is still at it, talking his shit in these incoherent videos: His “3 c’s of the gun game are”: Collusion, Conspiring, Cabal.  Yea ok cool starry bra, I think you need to re-examine how you connected those words to your cute little stories.  Basically what you’re mad at is called […]

It blows my mind this guy is still talking at the camera: I take a VODA vacation every now and then, because watching his videos actually feels like “work” to me.  I read the titles of some of the videos though, and I’m instantly hooked because I know it’s going to be a flaming dumpster […]

This all happened before the book was even released yet apparently: Here is the Amazon page where you can read the reviews for the black and white version, and here are the reviews for the color version.  It’s a shitty occurrence for sure to have people who haven’t bought the book leave a review, I’ll give […]

Oh man this is good: Anyone who says this isn’t accurate hasn’t watched enough VODA. I find it hard to keep up with the derpy VODA content lately, the videos are so long and full of incoherent rambling. Thoughts? Gat tip: Daniel

Seriously? On and he’s holding a knife in his left hand (0:26).  It’s like this guy is trying his hardest to get himself or a student shot: Oh well I’d rather see him continue to do dumbass shit with his cameraman, than trick people into “training” with him. Give me one good reason that justifies […]