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He may or may not be mall security: Pure gold as always.  Naturally he’s always doing that slide-to-the-eye CAR position.  I bet most people who don’t practice much with this, end up trying it out in an actual high stress situation and the first recoil of the slide wacks them in the eye area. This […]

This goes off the rails quickly badman ting: Fake Jamaican accent in full effect.  “shoot him in the face” rather than center of mass I guess? bravado perpetuated.   After that is when it really goes off the rails about war, black oppression. Hmmm thanks for the C O N T E N T brAh. Thoughts?

Fellas.  I know you think VODA is just a highly disciplined shooting machine.  He’s got a soft side though: When VODA isn’t BUSSIN HEADS he’s kicking his shoes off and heating up the dance floor.  Better believe he stays strapped;  Might have to deploy ECK at any moment. I watched this at like 6PM on […]

This guy.  Such a dumpster fire of information: The “Headbussa drill ™️”.  Oh shit, can I even write that without owing him royalties? haha lets goooooooooo He’s at some battleworn looking range in Atlanta which they apparently “sectioned off” for him (Hmmmm I don’t know….).  Robert Kelly slow jams in the background as usual.  Aspect […]

Showing us all how observant and tactically proficient his mind is.  This is such pure gold, I literally can’t even: Ok I’m pissed off IMMEDIATELY because he’s tarnishing the good memory of 2Pac by using the Hail Mary instrumental.  Also… “clearing this structure” “never been on this particular site before” dude you went to a […]

VODA on his Fat Joe, Terror Squad shit… still at his auntie’s house: 0:08 – hmmm RR21 Tactical Self Defense hey?  Never heard of it.  Are they actually cool with VODA, or did he just shell out $42.90 for that sweatshirt? Really nothing much else happens in the video. Because I never waste an opportunity […]