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This all happened before the book was even released yet apparently: Here is the Amazon page where you can read the reviews for the black and white version, and here are the reviews for the color version.  It’s a shitty occurrence for sure to have people who haven’t bought the book leave a review, I’ll give […]

Oh man this is good: Anyone who says this isn’t accurate hasn’t watched enough VODA. I find it hard to keep up with the derpy VODA content lately, the videos are so long and full of incoherent rambling. Thoughts? Gat tip: Daniel

Seriously? On and he’s holding a knife in his left hand (0:26).  It’s like this guy is trying his hardest to get himself or a student shot: Oh well I’d rather see him continue to do dumbass shit with his cameraman, than trick people into “training” with him. Give me one good reason that justifies […]

Oh man, he straight roasted lil’ V: Someone call the burn unit.  Get this man some aloe vera.  Get him to elevate his feet and have a damn nap. 😂😂😂 I haven’t seen such a burn in a long ass time. Thoughts? Gat tip: Maison

This: hahah he posts these types of videos occasionally, of him doing derpy shit with a gun overlaid with some inspirational speech etc.  Like I said before, I’m so happy this guy is so gassed up on himself… it makes for really great content. Cool t rex snatchbacks, jerky movements, and Israeli moves brAh. Oh […]

I have spare time today, but you better believe I’m not watching FUNKER x VODA for a damn hour and half: The Funker marketing machine knows what they are doing though, I’ll say that much.  VODA’s shitshow is the hot topic right now in the gun community.  I’m sure the video contains tons of “because […]