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This is the official last post I do about this unless it starts being related to guns at some point: I thought PWS was a firearms company, not a productions company that produced shitty cartoon soap operas. If you like throwing 6.5 minutes of your life away watch the video.  Otherwise take my word for […]

If you’re looking for a cartoon about guns, move along… move along… I thought PWS was a firearms company and this was supposed to be a firearm related cartoon?  I’ve criticized every episode so far for basically the same reason, they have all sucked.  The story line that is… the animation is definitely nice, but […]

A weak second episode… After the first episode, and the shot show episode I was optimistic but longed for the episodes the be longer.   Weeeeeeeeelllll, this one was longer.  It was basically useless from a gun content and story standpoint though.  I hope this picks up fast because not even the awesome Archer style […]

SHOT SHOW 2014: Better than the first episode, I’ll say that much.  I guess I expected the episodes to be longer and more substantive than they have been so far. Thoughts?

The name of this premiere episode is “The Misled Ad”: They definitely delivered on the animation side of things.  Storyline and dialog though was lacking, but I’ll cut them some slack because it’s the first episode. Thoughts?  Did you enjoy it?

PWS with an Archer style cartoon coming January 8th: Yea, I’ll be watching this. According to their blog post about the cartoon / promo vid, the show is produced entirely by their own staff… animation and all.  That’s really impressive considering how pro the animation looks even from that small glimpse we just got. No […]