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You kno Brandon had to do it to ’em: RIP to Mattv2099 ūüėĘ, he was a legend.¬† Jk he didn’t die, he just got rich off YouTube and retired.¬† Ok ok that’s not true either, he just got sick of YouTube’s bullshit so he quit making videos. Brandon’s videos always get me thinking the same […]

Yoooo Mattv2099 came out of retirement to make another video: I saw the video in my feed but swiped past it initially because I figured it was a repost. ¬†It popped up on me again though and I realized it was new. Unfortunately it seems that people are pretty much normalized to Mattv2099’s shenanigans, because […]

OPERATING¬†a John Deere excavator to test his Hi-Point in this one: Trolling ensues, clueless YouTube comments are born and all in all it’s a good time. ¬†Glad to hear he’s not taking advantage of the Hi-Point no questions asked warranty. ¬†Yea sure it’s “No questions asked”, but trying to get a new gun out of […]

Reading mean hater comments: Oh man these are too good. ¬†So many people just don’t “get” the trollture, or the jokes. ¬†A few of those comments were obvious bait for this video, but most people you could tell were genuinely mad. Thoughts?

It’s a 300k celebration bitches. ¬†Grab a drink, grab a glass, after that reload your brass: haha man people are so dumb. ¬†One of the many reasons I love Mattv2099‘s videos are that they bring out some hilarious comments like in the video from people who just don’t “get it”. Wow the video in this […]

haha¬†you can always count on Matt to troll the hardest. 3:00 – Mini gun footage is always so legit. 4:59 – “rare Durkastanian Steam Gun” hahaha Truly an inspiration.