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LOL he mad: The other two videos are here and here (all put up within 24 hours) LOL. As I mentioned in the past, his videos are basically unwatchable.  If you want the summary of some of the derpiest stuff you can check out my past posts on him.  The “Stop Leaving Negative Comments” video […]

This guy’s videos haven’t really changed.  They are still hilarious, and contain a lot of his useless pseudo intellectual rants like this one.  Just a warning, both of these videos are a complete waste of your time, so unless you have anything better at all to do I really suggest you don’t watch them: Him […]

The self proclaimed cream of the crop: I’m really not sure if this guy is serious or not about being “the best”. If he’s not serious then he definitely should be wining an Academy Award for best actor because he’s very convincing. Part of me wants PistolManiac100 to be a perfectly engineered character by a […]

Emphasis on the “training”: Oh wow, even this new intro doesn’t disappoint.  LOL 1:44 – I feel like taking cover behind trash cans is a metaphor for his content, on some deep level. 2:37 – “Mossin Naggit” presumably for “Mosin Nagant” LOL I’m deceased. 3:28 – “And you will feel the hurt… faced upon your… genitalia”. […]

A Mosin Nagant Long and Mid Range Training video for our viewing pleasure: Oh man, the very first second of the video… that graphic “You have reached the best channel on YT”.  haha ok you know you’re in for a wild ride.. his intro after that is like in a movie where someone takes drugs […]

LOL you guys absolutely must have cooked this dude after my first post about him.  He mad now: Yea that’s the way to get people to stop leaving negative comments… you go on youtube and make a whiney video about how much it hurts your butt.  Yea that will make everyone stop. LOL This guy […]