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There’s a gun in it, and the video / song is tight so I’m posting it: 1:26 – Oooo that Goyard trunk. 2:02 – Future wife perkiness under gravity goals.  Yes I know they aren’t real, they look good tho. 3:20 – When someone calls my phone with something they could have texted I’m like… […]

Puts her money where her mouth is: She has at least one tattoo of a gun on her, she was in Battleship, and she occasionally incorporates guns and military themes into her music videos.  Is she pro-gun though?  I don’t know, it would appear that way but with celebs trying to be “edgy” what a […]

A military themed Rihanna video where she is in skimpy clothing, shooting guns, playing in the mud, standing on tanks etc… Seriously what’s not to like? [youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube] For those that like rap I recommend her album. There are a ton of good songs on it. For $8 with free shipping you can’t go […]

This brought back some high school memories: If you weren’t rolling around in ’96 slumped in the seat, bumpin’ Return Of The Mack what were you even doing with your life?  *braces for snarky answers* Despite this remix being off key, I endorse its existence haha. Thoughts?  Would return with your strap? Gat tip: Ryan

Wow… wow…. I’m like 95% sure this is a joke.  I’m 5% doubtful, because in my blogging career I’ve seen so much stupid shit ranging from outrageous products to jaw dropping tattoos people actually permanently put on their body.  Those things were 100% real and serious and it messed me up haha. Thoughts? Gat tip: […]

She caught you slippin: One of the best things about posting clip / magazine memes I make, is the guys who are like “I don’t see why it matters *smh*”.  haha ok “Scott” lets just not have any rules in language… you’d like that wouldn’t you? IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTE CHAOS. Thoughts?