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hahah I love the timing of this: Nice looking video as usual, though they are really forcing the whole “lifestyle brand” thing down everyone’s throats again.  I’m sure it works though.  If you want to see my commentary on their past tread videos you can click that link. It’s a decent looking rifle I guess […]

😂😂😂 another certified classic: 0:19 – “Because nothing worthwhile is ever handed to you.  You have to come and take it.”  AHAHHAHAHHA this is already too much. These really just check all the cringe boxes, it’s incredible.  I feel like if I went off the grid for the period of time that these were rolling out, […]

Someones cool mom featured in this LiFeStYLe RiFLe Ad: Thirsty Ian Burns writes in the YouTube comments – “If i buy the rifle does she come with it? 😂” . Holy that’s original.  I bet cool mom is contacting YouTube as we speak to try and get the deets on this guy… like “His email […]

ahahah it’s amazing this exists: I don’t know if you guys remember my first post on the TREAD, but I thought that initial “Blood Sweat and Motorcycles” video was peak cringe.  This video is basically going off on a tangent, using themes from that video… but turning the cringe up past 11.  I clicked through […]

I can tell Sig definitely expects us all to yell out the standard “Hell Ya BrUther” at some point while watching the video: Yea they seriously called this new AR-15 they are pushing the “Tread”.  Hitting us with that long snake USA flag logo.  Man, the pie hitters are going to love this one. Oh […]

Shipped to the US Army for testing and evaluation: The hybrid ammo they are showing in the video (two tone cartridges) looks awesome.   They say it delivers a higher pressure, increasing velocity and range with up to 20% weight reduction.  Sounds good to me. On one hand I’m happy this just had stock symphony music […]