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Yes, you read that right… CONDITION TREE: Fire extinguisher in frame, just in case this dumpster fire gets away. 😏 Cute pearl bracelet bro. Thoughts?

As he says “VODA do what VODA Do”… and in this case, it’s re-uploading a lot of his old videos.  There are also some I haven’t seen… but it’s tough to say if I just missed them or if they are AcKSHuLLy new.  Typically I’d do what I call a “Hair line check” on him, […]

ECK system (where he uses a damn knife) in tow: This guy is WAAAAAAAAY to highspeed for his own good.  You know how your parents always told you not to run with knives?  The same rule should apply to quickly manipulating a gun in front of your face while holding a knife. Yikes. Oh and […]

This is a pandemic in itself, training like he fights: View this post on Instagram Feeling the trigger A post shared by LucienR.Black(Saint Michael) (@lucienr.black_saint_michael) on Mar 31, 2020 at 1:03pm PDT YIKES.  As you can see if you scroll through the rest of his account, he’s still up to his usually shenanigans. He seems […]

👀 0:50 – hahah ok ok VODA’s got jokes today.  I actually agree with him on this for a change, however I think the absolute best case should be a front door camera so you don’t have to physically look. The Atatiana Jefferson shooting by a police office that he references, is really sad.  I […]

VODA looking like Young Jeezy playing a pallbearer in a bad movie: I have to respect the fact that VODA still does these videos for the sport of it.  Barely anyone is watching them, and you know he’s not making any money off them, so it’s just out of love for the game. 2:44 – […]