Yooooo this is insane!

AWCY = Are We Cool Yet?, is the 3d printing dev group that made this.  1000 rounds fired so far during their AUTO torture test, and it held up great!
From the description:

Every CZ Scorpion EVO you see firing in this video has had the bulk of parts 3D printed, with the barrel, bolt and a few other bits retaining the original CZ parts. Testing was done by multiple users with multiple filaments including NylonX, PLA and more. It includes a printable pistol brace, handguard, and more.

The full auto footage you see in this video was provided by an 007/SOT who was gracious enough to test fire the frame on full auto, putting a total of 1,376 rounds down range without failure during just one range day! This is exceptional especially considering the cost of ammo during these times.

For non-007/SOTs there has been testing with binary fire triggers which work just great as well. This 3D printed CZ Scorpion EVO is probably one of the sexiest 3D printable guns around right now, and I’m sure these will be one of the most popular 3D printed builds just for that factor alone.

You can grab it over at their LBRY.tv page if you’re interested.  It seems to be getting close to the point where yea sure you’ll probably still be able to go out and buy a gun for a while… but sooner or later it’s going to be more and more convenient and cost effective to print one, it will kind of be like the “Should I order in, or cook tonight?” type decision.  Companies already exist solely to make the internal parts you’ll need to expedite the builds.

haha I just noticed they have a few Larry Vuitton Glock-type frames in the lbry as well.  I know “Are We Cool Yet?” is supposed to be a rhetorical question.  But the answer is  🗣 “yes”


Gat tip: Veet & Tony


Good vid:

I was like 19 seconds in, and thinking “these guys really need a tripod”.  I get that the freehand filming is a thing, but I was kind of getting seasick.

I don’t know if I agree that painting the gun something other than black makes it look less like a gun, but if he says so 🤷‍♂️.  Man that guy has some nice stuff.

The video is quite long, but definitely good.  Put it on in the background or something if you don’t have 38 min to stare at the screen.

Thoughts?  My absolute favorite thing about Lucas and T-Rex Arms in general is that some people hate on both him and the company because he’s not former military or law enforcement.  People HATE it when they spent a career doing something or went to school for something, only to be bested by some dude with time, intelligence, and determination.  It’s funny to see the comments and responses play out online.

P.S. – If you held up some flashcards of pictures of various dudes wearing hats. I could probably tell you with fairly high accuracy what state they live in based on their brim curvature.


It’s lit:

LOL I lost it at the first 🗣🎤”There’s a place called Kosovo…” 🎶.  Certified autumn banger.. I’d add this to my Spotify if it was available.

It’s a parody of Beach Boys – Kokomo, for any of my teen readers.  Do teens even know what blogs are?  Judging by all the “Dude, how do I buy one of your Auto glock selector switches?” emails I get, they seemingly don’t understand blogs / don’t have time for reading a couple paragraphs.  I’m not even going to click on the link in that post again, because last time I did I saw Blackhawk helicopters and white vans for days.


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Larry is a legend.  I highly recommend watching this:

Larry and his story are doing the heavy lifting in this video, but the no-date Submariner is looking 💯 too.

Some people like Larry have such interesting back stories.  My “profiles of courage” would be like: “*shrug* I went to school and hated every second of it… then believed that if I didn’t go to University I could never make any money… so naturally I did 12 more years worth of school and hated every second of it.” *credits roll on screen*.  haha oh well, NO RAGRETS.

I respect Larry for his military service, but I connect with him on a business level.  He’s an inspration;  truly a master of his craft… the YouTube videos and the Vickers Guide books are incredible.


Si vis pacem, para bellum:

Too good.  Gotta go full Frank Castle next time I get some mushrooms in the kitchen.

More pics over at Castellon’s Kitchen


Bruther-on-bruther pushups:

I wish I was making this up.  If you don’t get it, you’re obviously just not ALPHA enough 😂.  I truly wasn’t surprised to see Shoothouse P doing the pushups in the video on the second slide.  Crazy times we’re living in hehe.

If you’re not coming home from training, broken, bruised, and with potentially a few more holes you’re not training like you fight.

Thoughts?  What happens when beards touch and eyes lock?

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