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Highly anticipated:


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High quality embroidery, flexfit snapback…. You’re going to be impressed.

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*New* grey / black colorway:

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Morale patch / pin / sticker orders ship out every Friday, so if you’re looking to pick and of those up do it sometime this morning if you don’t want to wait a whole week for the next shipment to go out.

Thanks for everything.  So many new products coming soon.


An important day, so I’m running a sale on this popular related t-shirt:


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How can you even properly thank a group of individuals, for something as priceless as freedom?  Regardless, thank you to everyone who has served.




The much anticipated AK-47 followup to the AR-15 Defend Freedom.

Available now in both black and indigo at ENDO Apparel.

These ship this afternoon (always Friday) so get your orders in!


ENDO Apparel is the spot.  Thanks everyone! -ENDO-Mike

Now you can grab the t-shirt:

ENDO Apparel is the spot.

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