SHOTS FIRED in this whole damn video:

The Funker Tactical marketing machine is back in full TMZ camera mode, throwing gas on the marketing fire with this one.  Such a gritty “cool teen” location too, in the graffiti’d up alley behind the downtown Chipotle all hoodied up talking his shit.

0:25 – ahhah they gun store he goes to sells a t-shirt that says “I’m too fat to fight… I just shoot”.  Classic 👌🏾.  Oh shit, did I just use an emoji darker than my skin tone?  *GASP*.  I read this article a while back, and feel 1000x dumber because of it.  I digress… back to the vid.

0:33 – Yea dude we get it, you’re in amazing shape and you spend your entire life training for stuff that will probably never happen to you.  Bravo, I’m really happy for you for real.  I joke about “Piehitters” and what not, but I would never question someones ability to rise to the occasion no matter how fat or skinny or weak, or how much they train etc…  Look at the guy who stopped the recent church shooting (Stephen Willeford).  He’s hardly in peak physical shape… AND he ran out of his house barefoot to confront and shoot the gunman.  Mission accomplished.

Thoughts?  Does this make you immediately want to train with him when he talks down on other training schools… or do you want to avoid him like the tactical plague?  When is Ryan going to release his Funker Fit Tea?  Will I need to show creds and have someone sign off on the number of hours I spend training per week to drink it? Will the training need to be Funker approved?


Poor muzzle discipline aside, this is lit:

I’ve never done yoga, but I’d definitely be into it if this is how it went down.  haha Santa Monica CA… yea right.

10/10 would watch again.  Thoughts?

Gat tip: Les, David


It’s true, the hood loves Hi-Points:

hahah everything about this video is 💯.  Hi-Point definitely knows their market… they did that money print for real so we already know they have a sense of humor.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they reached out to Andrew and sponsored this video too.  Andrew gets his hood pass validated for life for this one.



This brought back some high school memories:

If you weren’t rolling around in ’96 slumped in the seat, bumpin’ Return Of The Mack what were you even doing with your life?  *braces for snarky answers*

Despite this remix being off key, I endorse its existence haha.

Thoughts?  Would return with your strap?

Gat tip: Ryan


hehe this is pretty good:

haha is that guy not wearing a belt either? *smh* Looks like some sort of shiny tracksuit with an elastic waistband.  Also, is he somehow wearing his earpro underneath his hat?  Is this some low profile peltor goodness I don’t know about, or just some flexfit derp maneuver.

It shocks me that a guy with noise canceling earpro, highspeed oakleys, and a shiny track suit managed to make an error like this.  Must be due to the lack of beard.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently.  I had a hard disk die on my main machine, and it took a while to get everything fixed and back to normal.

Thoughts?  I bet someone could make an epic “Clint Smith sound board” and have buttons on it for days.

Gat tip: Thanks everyone who sent it in


This is cool:

Haley has always been good at leveraging partnerships.  This new one with VirTra looks promising / advanced AF.  Eye tracking? Neuromuscular timing?  Crazy stuff.

Have these simulators reached the level that video games are at yet?  Like is it a GTA style immersive world you’re in, which is constantly changing based on your choices?  Or is it still stuck in the past like those old school arcade games with the guns?  Looks all “live action” with real people rather than computer generated, so I’m guessing it’s kind of dorky, but who knows.  I’m actually really surprised one of the large video game companies haven’t completely taken over the market.