My caption:

🗨️*Pop-up Video info nugget* This music video was so sweaty, Britney had to use dummy rounds during the live fire scenes. The surplus ammo on set was slowing down filming due to crippling rust induced malfunctions.

Naturally everyone on Instagram got the joke… but Facebook you ask?  Yea as expected there were a couple who didn’t.  Oh well you win some and you lose some in the fire-captions game.

It didn’t even occur to me until someone pointed it out, but probably a lot of my followers don’t even know what Popup video is.  Wild.  I guess I should be surprised though, since I’m old enough to have Royal Nonsuch as my former future step son.


Here’s the original video in case you want to check it out:


Things go as expected:

I’m a simple guy… I see an auto Glock video, I watch it.  This is a Glock 18C with a .40 barrel and fire selector switch.

The comments on the video are pretty funny if you click through.



Throwback reproduction straight from Glock Austria.  Whoa this is awesome:

James does his thing and asks the questions that needed to be asked.  I can’t believe Glock didn’t have the original molds… interesting!

The P80 model number initially confused my pea brain because I was like, huh so is this a polymer 80 collab with Glock but Lipsey’s is selling it? (Obviously not the case)

3:05 – My man really had to shoehorn in the fact Larry Vuitton is his homeboy.  Granted I would do the same at every opportunity.

3:55 – 🙌 THE OG TUPPERWARE!  You love to see it.

Just a note, the ENDO AR-15 stock adapter will fit this too since it’s a GEN1. 😊

6:59 – IS THAT A GEN4 speed loader on the mag? 😩😖

Lipsey’s is a distributer, but you can search for the retailers they supply here if you’re interested – $669 MSRP.



Part 1 can be found here.

3:06 – ahhaha his little dog trio is the greatest.

3:27 – I knew Dave was either going to be a Jeep boi or a Tacoma boy.  There was no doubt in my mind.

hahah all solid advice as usual.



Dave lays the plan out:

😂 good stuff.  Makes me want to get started on an ACB (Ain’t Comin Back) bag.

4:31 – Did he say “High Sierra”? 😤 I’m Gregory / Arcteryx / Osprey gang.

4:58 – HIS SIDEKICK CARL! 😂 Amazing.

5:36 – The filters are really legit.  We carry Katadyn filters on hikes now, and although I carry enough water to never run out on a day hike, we have obviously had to filter water daily on multi-day hikes and they work like a charm.

6:04 – I’m liking this guy more and more… the Mountain House shoutout had me nodding my head.  I am actually surprised how good backpacking meals are.  Sure, each brand has some that I wouldn’t choose… but once you find some you like, meals out in the wild are definitely something to look forward to.

6:40 – The .22LR for him and Carl is a good choice.



Some of you fellas wouldn’t be able to take the heat:

😏 yikes.