ahahah it’s amazing this exists:

I don’t know if you guys remember my first post on the TREAD, but I thought that initial “Blood Sweat and Motorcycles” video was peak cringe.  This video is basically going off on a tangent, using themes from that video… but turning the cringe up past 11.  I clicked through to the YouTube comments and thankfully at least a few others share my sentiment.

I feel for these people who made this video… you just know that HQ likely created a team with a bunch of randoms go-getters assembled from all over the company with one task: MAKE TREAD A LIFESTYLE BRAND.  That’s why these videos end up being so cringy… it’s the culmination of a bunch of “life” activities and thoughts often not related directly to the gun but used as a tool in conjunction with the peppered in product shots to make gullible people who can’t think for themselves want to buy one even though they already have a house full of perfectly fine AR-15s (except they don’t say TREAD nor do they have the snake 🐍 on them).

Thoughts? . You fellas working-man-all-American-good-enough-free-enough for the tread?  You gonna create a path with the tread for the next generation to follow?


You kno Brandon had to do it to ’em:

RIP to Mattv2099 😢, he was a legend.  Jk he didn’t die, he just got rich off YouTube and retired.  Ok ok that’s not true either, he just got sick of YouTube’s bullshit so he quit making videos.

Brandon’s videos always get me thinking the same thing… if I had his great hairline, and thicc hair I’d probably do epic YouTube videos.   Today though was different, I had an epiphany… why not just use DeepFake style AI to map my face onto Brandon’s and put out the content that way.  heheheh 😏.



Damn I heard the electronic noise, the explosion, more electronic noise, and a shell casing drop in the intro all while looking at the words EXCLUSIVE and PATERON, and FuNkEr TaCtiCaL and I knew it was going to be some premium-ass content:

Holy, I can’t believe they gave us that for free without even contributing to their pAteRoN *sarcasm*.  In fUnKeR’s defense, everyone has been beating a dead tactics content horse for a Looooooooong time.  These videos just come in different shapes and sizes now… sometimes it’s a fat guy in a polo shirt saying the same thing,  maybe it’s a guy on Instagram who wears skinny jeans spikes his hair moves like a robot and has biblical stuff in his bio, maybe it’s a “relatable cool mom”.  It’s all the same.  Oh well /rant off.. fellas, these are the hazards of shitposting. I gotta comb through to find only the shittiest content to aggregate or I’m not doing my job.



Ugh this guy is still making music (if u EvEn WaNt To CaLL iT ThAt):

I remember when he first came out, everyone was like “OoooOOooO EdGy” because he said “nigga” and overtly rapped in that gravely voice about how many drugs he allegedly sold and how much dirt he did all while looking and talking like a TIER -20 piece of trash.  Anyways, the novelty quickly wore off once every song and video was similar, and the shock value of the face tattoos wore off.

Is it even still edgy when white rappers or white people in general say “nigga” in 2018?  I haven’t been keeping my ear to the streets regarding that lately.

Besides terrible music, the other crime being committed here by Stitches is wearing two different camouflage patterns.

Anyone like me in their mid 30s glad they didn’t get excessively inked up in an attempt to distract people from their shitty personality?  I feel like the only thing I missed out on is telling people with a straight face “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”.  I would also do the classic maneuver of pretending I didn’t like to be asked about my tattoos, but secretly loving it when people did ask.  “Oh this sheepdog with a punisher logo face all breaking through the top later of a pie crust with III% artfully cut into it?  How much time do you got babe, want to get a drink?  *said while trying to make the bicep flex I’m doing look effortless, and more like part of a yawn/stretch*.



Talking BDSM, sexual contracts, and his work in the adult entertainment industry. Ugh.. GENTLEMEN THIS IS NOT A DRILL:

BDSM Slaves and Submissive’s. I’m sorry I can’t be with just a “Regular Woman”. Join the Syn Sity group.

Posted by Lucien R. Black on Sunday, October 28, 2018


I’m sorry guys… I’m sorry.  The entire video is a train wreck on multiple levels.

3:45 – VODA says that the main industry he is involved in is the “Adult Entertainment Industry”. WHAT?! That’s it guys… I think I’m deleting my blog, this is just going too far off the rails for my liking. 😂😭😬

Do YOU VODA… do you. *slow clap*


Gat tip: Mike


I get a little teary eyed like the future proud step father I would have been, when I see how far my former future stepson has come:

haha yea I’d say that works too.  Ear pro, and safety squints in full effect getting the job done.  Royal just casually bought an ENDO adapter (ENDO Tactical if you want one) last week; I read the company name on his order and was like 🤔 hmm wait a minute I know that guy! I sent him an additional one for free just in case he wants to do something ridiculous like convert a percussion cap pistol to auto (don’t ask me how but I’m sure he figure out a way 😂) and bubba the adapter onto the back of it.

Sadly YouTube nuked his gun channel 😭 I guess they don’t like art.  The embedded upload looks like it’s on a burner account.  Boss move tbh.

As you probably guessed / see in the thumbnail… Royal made his own conversion switch.  He didn’t order the Russian “motorcycle part”.  I’ve clicked that link so many times now, it’s surprising the black helicopters and white vans aren’t following me around.