Damn, quarantine is not only affecting the fellas.. the ladies are losing their minds too:

haha ok… a LOT going on in that video.  I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a joke or serious.


Gat tip: Kyle


The bRuthers LIVE for this type of thing:

You or a bruther you know can pick one up on Amazon for $99.  Naturally, it’s patent pending, and the base is made out of rich mahogany.

It would drive me nuts that it’s not an actual copy of any particular gun.  It sort of resembles an AK I guess… still, not a fan of the execution.

Gat tip: Luis


ECK system (where he uses a damn knife) in tow:

This guy is WAAAAAAAAY to highspeed for his own good.  You know how your parents always told you not to run with knives?  The same rule should apply to quickly manipulating a gun in front of your face while holding a knife. Yikes.

Oh and after the above video finished, this showed up in my youtube recommended videos 😂😂😂… a pure gold summary of some of his gun related tomfoolery:



Cody Wilson is back… with a cryptic video:

I had to check the comments to see what any of that meant.  Here’s the deal according to top commenter GM4ThePeople:

“Dominica Yowls” is an anagram for “I am Cody Wilson”. “Goliad” is also an anagram, for “dialog”. “A dandy woodlot”: “download today”. “Jaded Faction”: “A Defcad Joint”.

Ok ok… so at DEFCAD there is a new gun out.  The FGC-9.  Here’s a trailer for it:



TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP. Hit play on both these videos at the same time and vibe:

“When I raise my trigger finger all y’all niggaz hit the deck” -Dave Spaulding

Thoughts?  Name a better combo than Meth and Red… I’ll wait.


I’m pretty much at peak COVID-19 meme consumption, but I’ll allow this:

The bruther did what had to be done. I’m not mad at it.

Thoughts?  You tiring of Corona virus memes and jokes at this point too?