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Sweet mother of god this industry is more cringy than I thought.  They call this “Tribe-ID”:

Yea what you’re looking at is a clip on velcro patch display for the Fobus GL-2ND holster; one basic bitch holster which no one I know on the internet or in real life even owns.

The velcro are is a 54mm circle.  That’s 2″… who makes 2″ round patches?  I’m sure they exist but I guess that’s another niche they are trying to create and fill?

Oh and one of the best parts is that their website consists of a single image (which looks like it would be a website), and it’s a 33.8MB jpg.  I shit you not.  I almost fell of my damn chair 😂.

Reading the website, I’m not 100% sure this isn’t a semi good troll.  The only thing more cringy than this product and the website, is as usual all the major firearms blogs are doing their whole “press release” thing and not even poking fun at this (I’m assuming getting paid for it too?  I delete / mark as spam 100% of those type of “blog about our shit product and we’ll give you a free one or some money” emails as you probably expected).  I don’t know how much this thing is, and nor do I care.  If you really need to put a Punisher head or MoLoN LaBe patch on your holster, you could just order a square or circle of sticky back velcro for a few dollars which would satisfy your needs and effectively communicate your dominance to the other pie hitters looking at Mountain Dew in the soft drink aisle at the grocery store.  As the saying by all the basics on instagram goes “Your vibe attracts your tribe”.

Thoughts?  Designed and made in Israel according to the website.  For as long as I can remember, that place seems to be the mecca of bad ideas when it comes to gun related things and TrAiNiNg.


You know, since VODA was the first one ever to shoot with a knife in hand:

Hundreds of years humanity has had firearms, and VODA was the first one to develop a system (which he calls EDA/ECK) where he incorporates a knife into the grip of the handgun.  Incredible. If you don’t believe him you can watch this inspirational EDA/ECK video where he’s demonstrating it.

This knife and gun thing is all too high-speed for me guys.  I’m likely to have the knife flipped around somehow and then go to reload and slice open my stomach, then flinch and shoot myself.

VODA put up an amazing blog post about how influential his training is, and how his “inner circle” and him agreed that Dom must be studying VODA videos.

Thoughts?  Ugh this time change has me messed up, I’ve felt off all day and this VODA stink only made things worse.  This best part is that VODA really believes that Dom Raso is a fan, and he stole this. I can’t wait to see Dom address this, and it turn into one of the greatest firearm beefs of all time. It must really steam VODA too that Dom works for the NRA too (Referencing the NRA threat video).

Oh my god, his Woman’s Firearm Guide is absolutely getting hosed in the reviews on Amazon (and color version here).  Yikes that’s basically 72 bad reviews, mostly from people who haven’t bought the book off Amazon.  Should we give these people a benefit of a doubt, and say they probably read their friend’s copy since the book is so prolific?


Sounds like a plan:

5.11 in the spirit of the new FarCry 5 game which comes out March 27th.  My girlfriend has been amped about that game for like a year now.  I’m not into the time investment these games require, but I’ll gladly sit on the couch while she plays and make up blog posts, read, kill time on Twitter etc.  I have to say, FarCry 4 was pretty cool, I hope 5 lives up to the hype.

Smart and obedient dogs are so cool.



This idiot made an SBR on facebook live:

A news report and a derpy response from her:

The thumbnail I used for this post sums it up.  “I’m HeLpiNg By GeTtIng RiD of A MiLiTaRy StYLe AsSaUlT WeApOn”.

LOL it’s priceless the backpedaling in this story, where she claims the gun was “rendered inoperable” before she sawed it off.  How convenient.

Here’s her original facebook video… there are around 40,000 comments now haha.

Thoughts?  If I know one thing, it’s how much the gun related internet LOVES calling out SBRs… basically unless you post a picture of your tax stamp with your SBR you’ll probably have someone try to educate you on the fact it is indeed an SBR.  Cool story, thanks bro I had no idea.  People are still finding out about “arm braces” too, so that always makes the comments fun when someone posts a picture of a really short barrel but an arm brace stock.

KaReN MaLLaRd FoR CoNgReSs.  Hearing her talk in that video is like listening to some 5 year old practice for a school play, painful.


Ugh this guy.  Not super recent (late February), but I missed it right when it came out:

A nice A2 model.  Painful.  His full video with 29 Million views is up on facebook if you care to pop in.  Warning: it’s 6 minutes long, and very boring.  The comments hear the top of the post are all very positive… telling him how amazing he is and how “proud” people are of him.

Thoughts? Is Scott Pappalardo the hero the people don’t deserve, but need? 😂