Nice!  I didn’t expect this type of interview from Google:

The interview is done in the style of a podcast, so you can always put it on in the background if you don’t have 46 minutes to look at a screen.  It’s a good interview.  Chris Cheng is great.  For some reason I slept on podcasts for so long, but now that I’m into them I really enjoy putting one on while I get some work done.

His book is on Amazon for $20 if you want to pick it up.



This looks like hot garbage:

I just want to see the BFG in action… I probably won’t be able to watch the rest though, it looks really bad.

0:26 – We can see what the BFG looks like anyways.

I’m kind of over the whole DOOM franchise now.  I have fond memories of playing it, but that’s where it stops for me.



Mr steal yo girl incoming:

LOL the comments people left on that post are incredible.

Ok so this thing Moller Tactical “invented” he calls the FLIPatinny mount.  Yes it flips your main optic out of the way so you can use the BUIS and whatever else you have on there like your .

I’d ask “I wonder how it hold zero” but I think I already know the answer.  Mollertactical, looks like we’re going to need another video… just please, please quit texting my girlfriend.



Just a casual video from the AK guy himself:

2:20 – LOL the offering.  I died 😂 Good looking AK, that’s for sure.

2:46 – This is probably a stupid question, but is it legal to just bury an NFA item and walk away for a month? I guess as long as no one found it and dug it up?

3:18 – Oh shit one month later and he’s rocking the Brass Bandit!

6:42 – ahhhhhhh nooooo he’s actually going to do it with regular glasses on and no other protection.

11:46 – NFA TAX t-shirt!  That’s one that I’m low on stock on… I’ll be brining it back soon though so get on the notification list.

The long range AK video he talks about at the end should be interesting.

Thoughts?  I’m a sucker for anything torture test related, whether it’s food or burying it etc.


haha this:

Probably the most cringe thing I’ve seen in a long time, but I’m entirely sure (hope anyways 😬🤞) that was the entire point of it.  JMAC Ash snapped with this one.

As soon as the video started immediately I pictured a piehitter saying “ThE Libs Ar Gonna LOse tHeiR sHiT Ovar This”.

Thoughts?  Also, maybe I’m too old but I don’t “get” Ariana Grande.  I’m sure she’s fine, but I don’t really see her as the talent powerhouse she’s promoted and talked about as.  That said, no one on earth deserves what she had to go through with ISIS suicide bombing her concert, and to top things off people saying stupid/incredibly mean things to her when Mac Miller overdosed.


A couple people sent me this pic, so I had to do another Sheepdog Fan Fiction.

“They don’t want this smoke!” Charles muttered as he strutted on the deck, vaguely motioning to the outside world while looking over at Irene, his wife of 65 years. “Isn’t that what our grandson DeShawn says?” he asked. Irene entirely missed what he said, but looked up.. shook her head yes.. smiled.. then looked back down at her Reader’s Digest. “I’ll tell you whUT, if the sound of me putting one in the chamber doesn’t scare them away, or the birdshot doesn’t kill em, then the 1911 will finish the job.” he said as he removed the no-frills GI series Rock Island Armory .45 from the Uncle Mike’s nylon holster his left hip. He proceeded to press check it 5 or 6 times, not because he was old and forgetful, but rather since recently getting a desktop computer he noticed that on “website tv” all the young kids were doing that. “Your tea is getting cold” Irene warned, to which he rolled his eyes and gingerly placed the 1911 back in its holster before going to join her on the patio set. As he sat down pain jolted through his right side, specifically his leg “AHagggggggghhhhgHHGHG Irene my leg! Call 911 I think I’m having a.. a stroke!”. Irene frantically put down the Reader’s Digest and rose from her seat to get the phone from inside the house. She looked over at Charles to make sure he was at least good enough to be alone for the few seconds he would be out of her sight. She noticed something… the shotgun holster straps… “Hey Charley…” she said barely able to contain her laughter. “Get that sorted out with your tight holster straps and you’ll be fine… idiot.” she said as she went to sit back down. “Tip of the spear… isn’t that what you and Clarence call each other from back in the day?” she said said chuckling as he fiddled with the leather straps looking relieved but unamused.

👴👴👴 📷blackacestactical via @these_dying_lights @deishell09