Offset-sighted Cruiser Shotgun.  This is something new to me.  The method:

From his description:

Notice how high I am holding the shotgun? There is a reflex sight mounted on the other side and it works really well. The gun recoils alongside my face with a couple of inches of clearance. I made that.

I designed the setup with active shooter response in mind. Loaded with buckshot it is, in my view, superior to any handgun (it is actually a kind of super-handgun).

The setup with the side mounted red dot:

This is from Gary Michael Church at Ice On The Moon, where he has a full post that goes into more detail about how and why.

Hmmmm, I don’t know fellas 🤔… thoughts?  I don’t think I’d even want to attempt that method with buckshot as he suggests (much less even birdshot).

Gat tip: Brains and Looks


A boogaloo boi anthem:

haha I couldn’t believe this song existed when the IG homie a_thicc_draco_v2 DM’d it to me.

I had not heard of Louis Capone before today, but after checking out some of his other songs he’s pretty good.  You already know Finna Boog is going on the WAR (Wolves Ain’t Ready) VOL. 2 Spotify playlist 😏.  If you haven’t checked out WAR VOL. 1 you can click that link.

I really hope there’s a video for this song sooner or later.



A question that most people won’t have to ask themselves, but it’s cool to see the tests:

Much like James at TFBTV, Chris Baker at Lucky Gunner really goes above and beyond with the actual useful or funny content.

I’m not a lawyer… BUT I feel like depending on what state you’re in, if you did use auto in your home in self defense the prosecution would try and use it against you.  Like somehow semi auto would have been better.  I don’t know though… you guys are familiar with my long running “the prosecution will love it” bit, so let’s just file this one there as a meme if nothing else.



Mama mia:

Man, that looks like a fancy facility.  1:27 where the river is going under the walkway 👀 that’s a vibe.

Not once since this pandemic started have I ever said “I wonder what Beretta is up to?  Are they managing?”  now that I know they’re thriving and keeping their people safe I’m happy to hear it.



Our dude Larry explains his four modified rules:

Good stuff.


Pew pew pew 🔴:

Interesting how the pistol fits in the AR style chassis.  I wasn’t expecting that.

I’d like to tell you guys how much the SIRT STIC is, but their website isn’t working (Database error).