🔥 from Brazil:

The “PSSSSSSSHHHHHHH” pressure release sound effect is CRUCIAL when preforming a foreign disarm.  Take notes 📝.  This guy’s name is Master Rayllamm.

1:48 – haha with the mag eject, then the gun drop like a mic drop.

I’m happy to see the no-look-derp-scan hasn’t reached Brazil yet.  Oh the innocence.

Oh man this video is money, I love it.  Crucial skill set for the mean streets of Brazil.



ahaahhahah for on the fly adjustments to your grip. Check out the video:

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I think the thumbnail I added to the post, sums this product up perfectly.

A mere $95 is the price tag, if any of you fine operators want to pick this up.  Beats not being able to adjust your grip I’LL TELL YOU WHUT.


Gat tip: the_halfbeard, moa_wearemoa



Tru snipers kno.  I hear this is the setup the guy used in Afghanistan to get the long range kill record.

Thoughts? You rushing to walmart to pick up the items needed to run this setup?

Gat tip: nottheatf


This is a real ad placed in NRA shooting illustrated:

At least the pee drinker pictured, appears to have enthusiastically (one might even say recklessly) drank the pee of a person that was very hydrated.  If I was going to pick some pee to drink, better believe it would be 8+ glasses of water a day type pee… not pepperoni sticks and bud light pee.

Drinking the pee in such cold weather is a bold move as well.  I hear it really brings the tannins out.

Thoughts?  You loving KEL-TEC for this one, or is it a hard pass?

Gat tip: Willy, Marko


Make some bodies turn cold:

He’s not that far away, but I bet I’d at least get a few flyers.

While were on the topic of Instrucor Zero, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this video by the Funker Tactical marketing machine:

haha the transitions and the derp scans.  So good.

Thoughts? Did Zero finesse a boutique coffee shop latte at least with that skill demo? Or are we talking some swill from McDonalds he has to drink with GN heavily breathes double cheeseburger air on him?



0:59 – LOL huge surprise no one that was subbed to Royal, wanted Mark Serbu’s videos shoved down their throat.  I called that one immediately after it happened.  I hope Royal still got to keep the stack of cash.

3:30 – OH NO BABY WHAT IS YOU DOIN?  Making us pay to see a majority of the new videos?  Stuff like this never (ever) works out.  I get that making videos costs money and takes time, and ammo costs a lot… but if you’re not doing it for sport and letting the people have it for free, trust me there’s a lot of other things I can watch for free.  I think part of the lure with this “pay to watch my videos” thing is that Royal for instance has ~12,500 subs…. now if each one of them paid $1 a month he would be making $12500 per month… that buys a lot of stuff every month.  The reality is, the handful of male white knight “m’sir I bestowed $1 upon your glorious channel” type guys will end up contributing (for a while)… then that will drop off and so will the vids when Royal realized that $42 per month isn’t enough.

Thoughts?  You planning on paying to see RN’s videos?  You bestowing $1 to the fine sir for his Youtubious efforts?