Holy, Print Shoot Repeat GOES IN 🔥 on this one:

The album is going to be so fire when he releases it someday.  I still miss Dugan’s (CarnikCon) vids, but PSR is definitely filling the role with the catchy tunes, and amazingly edited vids.  You really just can’t beat adding humor to any topic.

HK needs to sponsor the boy.  I’m talking a promo package including private jet perks, free firearms, schnitzel, Grey room access etc..


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Therapeutic walk through of the thought process / restoration process:

I added all 5 videos to the embedded youtube playlist.

An unreal amount of effort to restore a sub $1000 rifle, but definitely a good way to kill some time as a hobby.

He mentions it at the start of the first video; that some of the metals used in the gun including the receivers were definitely weakened due to the temperatures they were exposed to.  Because of that I’m not so sure this exercise is good for anything other than doing it just to do it when there are safety concerns, but to each his own.



Throwback to 2013 which I hadn’t been blessed with before.  Posted now, thanks to an IG follower:

WHY IS THE GIRL DEMO’ING use of the holster WITHOUT A GUN in it? 😫😂. After watching the video, it definitely seems more suited to guys (or maybe flat chested girls).  It’s just way too high on that girl.

I don’t know fellas… 🤔 when she’s shouldering rifles, it really looks like she would full on have the handgun grip hit the stock, or else mash into her chin.

If you want to pick one of these up, I’m not even 100% sure if the company is still operating.  The site definitely hasn’t changed since 2013 or before.  The checkout does work to go to Paypal though, so who knows *shrug*.  Maybe drop them an email first?

Gat tip: ishouldfeelbad


Sky News out of the UK dives into it haha:

I knew the video was off to a fantastic start, and it would be all about how scary they are after I heard the accent and saw a clip of the homie Print Shoot Repeat.

4:50 – hehe the “slider”.  Such a better name that the “slide”.

The whole video is basically a Print Shoot Repeat ad, and a testament to how awesome his channel is; even the screengrab they used for the video is PSR. Cool to see some of the other peeps such as AWCY and CTRL PEW mentioned.




These dudes that call themselves “Refined Savages” really went ahead and spent money on an injection mold, to sell people a $50 insert to put a fire starter kit inside a Glock.  That’s right.. a ferro rod, metal striker, cotton and accelerant gel pack jammed up into the backstrap.  At this point in the firearms community I’m just like “SURE… WHY NOT?”.  The big problem that bruthers are gonna have is that next week someone will come out with a paracord spool for the same spot.  How will they ever decide? 🤔

Integrated Defense Strategies (above) caught up with the head “Refined Savage” at the NRA show.  Yooo and this blew my mind.. this Mike Hughes guy apparently INVENTED SIRT.  I don’t know how you go from such an epic idea and execution and beloved product such as the SIRT pistol, to a Glock backstrap firestarter.. but gentlemen, here we are 🤷‍♂️.  I have to say I do like that this Mike guy is wearing a sun hoodie.  I have a few Arcteryx ones that are literally my favorite bit out outdoor clothing, and I get made fun of quite a bit for it.  Sorry (not sorry) that I don’t want skin cancer swEatie 💅.

The filming style is so chaotic.. like why am I watching high quality footage of IDS film this Refined Savage guy (in lower quality) on his cellphone?  Probably just file that question under 📁Youtube-Stuff-You-Just-Wouldnt-Understand-ENDO.

Thoughts?  Any of you newly identifying “refined savages” picking one of these up?


I love this type of restoration:

I also posted a rusty air pistol restoration from the same guy recently.  It was in a lot worse shape.  The main problems with this Desert Eagle seem to be bad surface rust.  The video description says that it was donated by a viewer who found it in the desert neat Palestine. 🤔 I’m not sure of the details of civilian gun ownership in Palestine, but most places in the world if you “found” a gun I don’t think you’d be crazy to assume that it was probably there because it was stolen, used to do something bad and then disposed off.   The YouTuber’s location shows as Italy.

When I was searching for a suitable picture, this Double Desert Eagle picture came up 😂.  Only a matter of time before the 3d2A bois get to work.