I’m not sure how accurate this is, but it’s sure cool to watch:

American-FlagWow sure a lot of awesome stuff.  *chants USA USA USA*


Every time I see Rudy Reyes in something new, it reminds me how I need to revisit Generation Kill:

511-Tactial-Duty-KiltIf you remember, this 5.11 tactical kilt thing started as an April fools joke a handful of years back, and people were like “I WANT THAT *throwing money at screen*”, so they started making them.  Glad to see 5.11 has a sense of humor anyway.  You can pick up a tactical duty kilt for $90 if you need more genital grazing breezes in your life.


Gat tip: Christopher


This is really cool. Straight out of a James Bond movie:

Zack-Morris-PhoneMan… the worst part would be no cellphone reception from inside :P  How are you supposed to throw sick ‘grams up #CheyenneChillin?  Maybe the antenna on the Zach Morris Motorola would be enough to at least call for pizza though?

The military bunker complex has all the things you would expect… blast doors, isolated water supply, it’s own power plant, heating and cooling system.  Formerly the center for the United States Space Command and NORAD monitored the air space of Canada and the United States through a world-wide system for missiles, space systems, and foreign aircraft through its early-warning system. Since 2008, NORAD and the United States Space Command have been based at Peterson Air Force Base and the complex, re-designated as an air force station, is used for flight crew training and as a back-up command center if required.


Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines:

Rick-James-Dave-ChappelleOoooooo ya.  May 16th is the UK release date, I don’t see the USA release date but I hope it’s happening soon because I want to see this movie.

<— This would be my face just before a robot is about to kill me.  My legs would coincidentally probably also be like linguini.

This feels eerily like the Boston Dynamics humanesque robot I posted a couple days ago.  Thoughts?



According to Wikipedia, Rajputana was a historical region that included the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan and parts of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Pakistan.

0:09 – Ok ok… out of the gate this is lit.

0:19 – Oooooo group little-stepping, hop, then synchronized bayonet action!  Where do I sign up?

0:30 – The caption reads “Amar farted in the bunker, so they had to evacuate.”

0:34 – That prance tho.

1:05 – Duleep turning up the theatrics when the cameras are around.  Classic Duleep.

1:11 – Short track and field break.

2:20 – Why do I not own an Indian field coat yet?  #OutfitGoals  I’m going to throw a #MustacheGoals on this as well.

4:04 – I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t speak or read the language, but it seems they keep fit by doing track and field.

Rajputana-Rifles-Indian-Operators4:52 – Hell yea.  The one sided brim foldup is v rare.  That shit head Jesse Ventura did that in Predator, and I thought it was cool.  All these guys do it!  Is it in the regs?

7:12 – Yesssss. Fire jumping.

Don’t sleep on the Rajputana Rifles Monicas.   Thoughts?

Gat tip: Matt


All center of mass shots:

5.56 ($10,000) and 7.62 ($16,000) versions.  LOL @ three center of mass 752 yard shots in a row… incredible.  As it says at the end of the video, the odds of an actual sniper doing that according to the Army’s own data is 1 in 37,037.

As usual there are a few comments which are mind-bogglingly stupid.  Here’s my favorite:

“Way to make killing a game. Nice job! Lawsuits will be headed your way I’m sure.” -Adam Smith

TrackingPoint-LogoWow cool story Adam.  Oh and in conclusion SQUAAAAAAA aye.. ayyye.