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Operators who run suppressors on everything.  The fun starts at 1:40 Those guys look like they know how to have a good time.  I don’t trust my zip-line skills enough to attempt something like that;  I’d probably manage a 720 degree sweep on everyone on my first attempt.  My last zip-line experience was over a […]

An advanced new polymer .22 LR pistol that can be deployed a number of different ways: Yea the video is long and drawn out, but it shows a bunch of cool renders as examples. And you thought the Glock was a “brick”? hahah: What are those posts sticking out of the front of the gun […]

A lot of 282 Vietnam war era Zippo lighters was recently auctioned off for $35,250: The lighters tell a story of the war that cannot be found anywhere else.  They are a record soldiers’ feelings not meant for anyone but themselves, printed on a throwaway tool, capturing the spirit of the war in a way more […]

A .22 Short concept schematic: Source – Pack Rat Workshop A video of some guy shooting one of these types of guns: Another design: (Source) Although I find guns like this fascinating, I really am apprehensive of ever getting one due to how unsafe they look. I’d probably accidentally blast a shot into my junk within an hour […]

I imagine this would work pretty well at close range.  I wonder if the cartridges can be loaded into the magazine where the staples used to go? Having it feed semi-automatically would be impressive. Unfortunately it looks pretty dangerous.  It’s probably good that the maker of this didn’t have the “go big or go home” mentality and make a […]

Polenar Tactical breaks it down: The fellas went from binge drinking alcohol to binge drinking energy drinks.  A lifestyle I could NEVER. Regarding Ziga’s pants… anyone know what the purpose of those 45 degree zippers in the crotch area are?  Are those pockets, or little vents you can open up (like the pit zips on […]