Bro do you even brandish?  This bro cop did:

Full Story – DailyMail

My-New-Haircut-broski-yaegerAccording to the article bro-brandisher Kyle McCartin was arrested and charged at the Pima County Jail on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Wow that’s what I call drunk.  I’m curious what will end up happening with the 23 year old… re-assigned to another department?  Slap on the wrist?  My guess is he doesn’t have too many friends in law enforcement yet considering he was only with the department 10 months.




Mattv2099 making dinner with an M44:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingThe world would be a better place is Matt got an actual slow motion camera that could do thousands of frames per second.

Cue the comments of how useless the videos like this which he makes are, and how I wasted your precious time by you even having to scroll past it. haha




In reference to the 3 bonus books I put up for grabs


Here are the 3 randomly chosen winners and their favorite derp post:


I thought this guys video was hilarious. It was really put together like an infomercial. SHAMWOW


I can’t believe I’m the guy to post this one, seriously. This is THE DERP of all DERPS. (I wish the vid was still up)

you know it’s bad when the guy pulls his own video over all the ENDO flack he got. And this was the follow up to the first post…


My favorite derp is

partially because i tipped it to endo, and partially because its hilarious how much it has failed with the horrible reviews, tons of fake entries (police departments, the white house, the list goes on) this app was trolled hard as it derserved.

I want this book!

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Videos like this are epic:

Panteao Productions is cool, they make good videos with high production value and they have a good sense of humor obviously… most of the time.  They didn’t like when I made fun of Sonny Puzikas AK Finesse in one of their videos so much that they pulled it and re-upped a edit with that mysteriously missing. Huge surprise Sonny ended up negligently ventilating some dude in a shoot house… didn’t see that in the bloopers! :P

Pat-Rogers-USMCDamn they have a lot of awesome people on board.




Never rob a bank across from a diner that has the best donuts in 3 counties:

Denzel-Wahlberg-Movie-2-GunsDenzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg!  I love those guys… I know some of you are going to be like “But Mark Wahlberg is anti-gun!”, Denzel might be also, but I don’t really care… they are entertaining.

1:39 – Start of a painful Jimi Hendrix “All along the watchtower” cover.

In theaters August 2nd. Thoughts?



HSLD Operator Paul Howe pokes holes and rakes windows for the LULz:

The GAT (Glass Assault Tool) is designed to penetrate car side and back window glass while enabling the operator to keep their hands on their weapon. It will also allow officers to defeat most cosmetic glass when responding to high risk missions such as active shooter or hostage rescue.

Source – XSsightSystems

I don’t really get this point of this tool.  Yea I know it’s to break glass, but given the two scenarios of “active shooter” and “hostage rescue” I just see this being a very niche product as far as when it will actually be used.  Let’s start off with an active shooter scenario… if someone is shooting, why would law enforcement be up close and personal with the shooters car?  Since when isn’t the object of the game to fill the shooter with holes by shooting through the glass from a safe distance?  Now regarding a hostage situation; hostage to me means that there is still a “threat”, so again why are LEOs up next to a car with a hostage and a gunman fixin to rake his glass?  If there’s no threat and we are calling hostages stupid people who don’t know how to open a door, or people who possibly have their arms bound or injured fine I guess that works… rake away.  Keep in mind there are hundreds of glass breaking tools you can buy that are no bigger than a pen that will work just as well and don’t require you to have a light mounted on your handgun like an idiot in the middle of the day.

FYI:  WL-GAT (TM)… yea that’s trademarked guys, watch out!  I know thousands of you were like “Damn son, I better get back to name brainstorming for my next big product which I was going to call the WL-GAT”.  *sigh* It’s official, all the good acronyms are now taken.

2:34 – “My GAT will be in the 12:00 position”.   haha his gat, that will never get old.

Since I think the name WL-GAT is fucking retarded I’m going to approach XSsightSystems about licensing the design to me for a rebrand as the glass entry tool every open and concealed carrier needs in their life to help prevent something I hate seeing.  Still with me?  I hate seeing dogs in hot cars.  This is why I present to you the DICKINFASTHO – Dog ICar Killed INFresh Air Soon Too Hot Out.  Rake the window, save a dog’s life.  I don’t make the big bucks for nothing… this idea machine of mine doesn’t have an off switch.

XSsightSystems-Glass-Assault-Tool-GAT-Weapon-LightOh yea and don’t mexican carry with the GAT unless you want a hole in your junk.  Don’t even try suing XSsightSystems if you don’t heed my warning and that happens either… they have lawyers that specialize in scrotum injury law on retainer that will eat the case.

I can’t find this handgun version of the GAT on the XSsightSystems website, but there is this hilarious AR-15 version you can check out.

Disappointing for all your non law enforcement / military guys that I know wanted to mount a GAT on your gat… XS won’t sell one to you. Probably for good reason… admit it, you had some dumb shit planned as soon as you saw the video. haha

Thoughts?  Would operate with? Useful tool or a gimmick?