22Plinkster is a beast.

Richard Ryan is awesome too, but in a different way.  Since YouTube allows hour plus long videos now I really should film myself doing some trick shots, but not make ANY edits.  I’d have to hide 2 seconds worth of frames somewhere in the video with a significantly large ENDO Apparel gift code just so if someone actually wasted so much time to watch me miss 3000x, it would be worth their while.

A behind the scenes interview:

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDO1:10 – So modest… they definitely both make millions of dollars :P  I like Richard’s behind the scenes vids a lot.

I bet 22Plinkster is surgical with the .308 and the Remington 870 of his too. I say he should start 308plinkster and 12GAplinkster channels ASAP.




I’m slowly infiltrating every gun related organization with my t-shirts :P

Full Story – WBBJ

I agree with what is said in the video.  I think all kids should be taught how to use guns safely and properly, and have a healthy respect for them instilled from a very young age.  They are just far too dangerous to just have laying around and not educating your kids, but instead just telling them “Don’t touch it”;  Kids are naturally curious.

I know a lot of times I post the “James Yeager Approved” image in jest… this time it actually is for real though because he hired Reid Henrichs (the guy in the video).  Thanks for wearing the shirt Reid!

I’m still considering sending Yeager some shirts.  His sense of humor seems really good, especially in his current videos so I don’t know… he might just like them and wear them on camera.  Just to troll I should send smalls because I know he likes them tight LOL.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedSince I barely mention my clothing company here on the blog, if you want the RESTRICTED LAW ENFORCEMENT / GOVERNMENT USE ONLY shirt Reid is wearing head over to ENDO Apparel.


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Testing out an anti-aircraft gun on stationary grounded fake aircraft:

NEVA BEEN DONE BEFO’!  Nothing like shooting a gun like that without eye pro… it sets a good example for the derp-youth.


I want one with a .22LR conversion kit.  Is that too much to ask?!

I can’t even stomach more than a couple minute clip of that show before my stomach gets in a knot.




Yea this is a shocker *eye roll*:

Until they incorporate screens in the scopes, actual magazines, realistic recoil, limited ammo etc… it’s never going to be “like the real thing”.  Look how the guy is holding it during the demonstration even… it’s basically just an awkward controller with a trigger.

I think if I was a parent, I’d really hate other parents.  Seeing and hearing first hand how people are screwing up their kids “for their own good” would be really frustrating.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffI love how they keep saying that these games are turning kids into killers.  Oh really?  Then how come there have only been a handfull of shootings when there are millions of kids that play them.  

The inventor really shit the bed with his answer at the end.  He definitely should have been more prepared.


Hat tip: Syl



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