Allows you to customize your BBQ / Grilling tactical loadout:

Tactical-Grilling-Apron-1Tactical-Grilling-Apron-2Not bad… not bad.  Just make sure you don’t don’t use any assault seasonings that aren’t legal in your state unless you want your dog shot.

$35 over at ThinkGeek.  It doesn’t look like the greatest quality, but probably would still be worth the money for a fun gift.


Hat tip: Alan, John



TrackingPoint CEO defends his product and his rights:

“Guns Kill people”… “Think of the implications”.. blah blah blah same old anti-gun arguments.

“Weapons System” used to be the term which I hated the most…. I can safely say that has now been replaced with “Firing Solution”.  Is that a thing people say?  I think I’m going to start calling this blog a “Derp delivery system / entertainment solution”

TrackingPoint-LogoSweet lord $20-30k.  Until they make one for the Deagle brand Deagle I’m not putting up that kind of money.




I hate when my novelty balloons get ruined by muzzle blast:

I really need to look into a suppressor.  I went way over my helium balloon budget last month, that was NOT cool. Hat to make cutbacks in cashmere socks, smoked cheeses, and artisan salts.

Balloon-TrollThe real crime here is that perfectly good helium to inhale is going to waste.  If you’re not killing braincells and staying stupid shit with your lungs full of the nobelest of gases then you’re just not living.




The amount of restraint you have to have as a police officer is unbelievable:

Happened in 2012, but it’s news to me.  Very ironic that according to the article they just found an open bottle of liquor on him, and didn’t cuff him because they were going to be courteous and just take him home rather than arrest him.  I bet that mistake won’t be made again; that could have got REAAAAAAL ugly.

Shit-Just-Got-Real0:26 – Gun comes out

2:34 – To quote Charlie Murphy from True Hollywood Stories – “His legs was like linguini.” LOL

Hat tip: Malcolm



The WRT54G is such a classic… definite OG shit.  You can hack them nicely too:

Behind the scenes commentary:

Richard-Ryan-ENDONot your best tech assassin video Richard, I’ll say that much haha… nice shot though at least!  You should have trolled by packing the router with tannerite then talking about how powerful 9mm is because it caused such an explosion.  Or you could have at least or put the top round in the HK magazine in backwards in your intro shots!  People need to start retaining me for advice on trolling, then I’ll hire some of you guys I know whose troll games are tight, and middleman the advice for a cool percentage.

Richard is wearing his favorite California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Street troll Mark Dice hits the beach in San Diego to ask the question:

memorial-day-folded-flag-cemeteryNobody cares;  that generally sums it up.  All most people know is they get a day off work, and there are possibly some sales at the stores they like that weekend.

Sad stuff.  Thoughts?