MrColionNoir breaks it down:

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmI often wonder if I’m one of the only ones who gets all his rap and pop culture references.  Not saying lots of others don’t either, but my experience on the blog is it seems like many of the ones I make go over people’s heads.

The delivery on this vid was especially good.




Aaargo Jay explores the topic in song.  haha just kidding, he doesn’t sing but he does talk:

When someone asks me what gun they should buy, before they even finish their sentence I yell “GLOCK!”, then they are like “But what if th…” me: “GLOCK! I don’t have time for this shit.”

Aaargo-Jay-YouTubeIn all seriousness Aaargo Jay’s advice is better than mine; you really should try out a bunch and see what works best for you before you buy.  The advice seems obvious, but It’s surprising how many people discover guns years later that they like better because they didn’t look around enough at the beginning.  Even continuing to try new guns that come out doesn’t hurt.

You can grab the Run Guns t-shirt Jay is wearing over at ENDO Apparel. It’s also available in black.




Chief Wiggum ate some cake that didn’t belong to him and suffered the consequences:

ahahhahhaha the cake was a lie.  Oh well… he lived to chief another day, no harm done.

Chief-WiggumThat will teach him not to eat cake that isn’t his.




This is out of hand!

As soon as I saw the title of the post I knew it was going to be about carving, and I already had some jokes ready like “CONFIRMED: Hickok45 is old” … yea it was a work in progress.  I started the video up though and HOLY SHIT.  Turns out he didn’t make them, but regardless they are amazing.

The company that makes them is called Wood Caliber, and they are based out of Davison, MI.  The M1911A1 on their website is currently starting at $1800… keep in mind it’s basically a piece of artwork.  There is no question those things would take a long time to build, by hand or by machine.

Wood-1911-HandgunYou know I have to ask… When is the Deagle brand Deagle and Glock brand Glock coming out in wood?  Well there actually already is a wood Glock which I posted about, but it’s not as impressive… I also posted a wood FN SCAR and a Canadian C7 (M16 Equivalent) Rifle which are quite impressive.




Piano man FXhummel1 talks about his knife addiction in song:

Good song.  I enjoyed that he didn’t dumb down the nomenclature.  If you don’t now what something is google it!

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsMake sure to check out the 1st knife addiction song he did back in March of 2012.

I don’t have the same appreciate for knives as I do guns… I do love a good knife though.  I know some would scoff at my Spyderco Endura EDC, but so far it has opened all the champagne cases and shipping boxes I’ve needed it to so I’d say it’s working just fine.  Maybe next time I HALO jump out of a spaceship and have mid-air fights with foreign operators, I’ll be disappointed the knife didn’t hold up.




Troll harder Fairey:


This guy!  He’s trying to be the Andy Warhol of our generation, and I suppose it’s paying off handsomly for him… but seriously his ideas are all “meh”.  Take this for instance… use contrasting colors and saying ASSAULT WEAPONS AND OMG HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES are an investment of satan.  Also, is that an AK-47 with AR parts on it? an ARAK-15 perhaps?  Sweet Krinkov flash suppressor bro.

Another question I have, is did he just go and throw the letters NRA on the poster without giving a single?  The NRA obviously has a registered trademark on that, so technically unless they gave Fairey explicit permission to use their brand in his propaganda he could get in deep shit.  I can’t just throw the letters NRA on a t-shirt for instance unless I was looking for trouble.  I emailed my contact at the NRA, so I’ll update you guys when I hear back from her.

If you want to read all the facebook comments on this poster and Fairey’s deep “purpose” statement about the artwork the posts are HERE and HERE.


Hat tip: Mike