12 GA

I’m pretty much at peak COVID-19 meme consumption, but I’ll allow this:

The bruther did what had to be done. I’m not mad at it.

Thoughts?  You tiring of Corona virus memes and jokes at this point too?

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Monica Taofledermaus has friends in high places:

I’d love to see super high resolution and high frame rate slow motion video of that slug hitting the AR500.  Destroying anything carbon fiber is such a flex.

You know I love machining vids! Taofledermaus’ friend Tactical G-Code machined them.  You can watch the machining video here:



Royal Nonesuch is a beast.  Homemade quad barrel 12GA shotgun:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDO1:52 – haha he’s going to put a laser or some type of big “aircraft lookin sight” coming off the top of the barrels.

I hope if this build is successful he makes a eight barrel pelvis gun which is mounted on a leather WWF style wresting belt.



Monica Royal Nonesuch has one in the works:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOHaha man this guy is creative. Will standard safety practices be thrown to the wind on the shooting of this one? Only time will tell.



More interesting wax slugs with Mattv2099:

If you remember, he first did the 7.62x54r wax slugs last week and they worked pretty decently.

Seems like more than anything these just “look” cool.  They end up being expensive, time consuming, messy to make, and not very effective. :(


Taofledermaus does a couple tests:

dragon-skin-armorNeedless to say the soft body armor looks like a mess.

Was I the only one cringing at the fact they were shooting something which “doesn’t deform like lead” at 1200 ft/s so close?  Ahhhhh.  Sure they angled the plates, but I don’t know… still seems like something could go wrong.