You homeslices ready for this one?

Normally I don’t post teasers because they are a waste of time.  This one has me charged up though because he did a nice job on it.  I can’t wait to see if his DP-12 is as underwhelming as Andrew’s from GY6vids, and if Larry Vuitton points out the same design flaws.

DP12-ShotgunLOL 0:23 it shows there is a QR-Code for the gun’s manual printed on the side of it.  Laaaaaaaaame.

I wonder which lubricant Larry is using on this DP-12? *snicker*

Larry is #1 in the game right now for slow motion footage.  His camera angles and shots are bananas.  If you don’t agree tell me why, and I’ll take your reasons into account.


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Man… this guy never ceases to impress me:

Royal-Nonesuch-Hawaiian#StepsonGoals  (still searching for his mom, don’t worry).  Holy that gun looks ghetto / dangerous though LOL.

I really hope Royal Nonsuch has some close friends nearby who appreciate his genius and are working on their own equally awesome projects.

I said this before and I’ll say it again… first order of business when RN is my step-son, is that I help him ramp up safety.  His face next to the pipe barrel when shooting, and bootleg Raybans on the eyes just aren’t going to cut it.



Royal Nonesuch in the kitchen cooking with the wri-wri-wri-wri:

Royal-Nonesuch-HawaiianThat shroom polo is v-rare too.  I’m really surprised those screws and bolts are flying so nicely.

Royal nonesuch sees hex heads in everything.  You could show the guy a piece of burnt toast and he’d see Jesus holding a hex bolt in it.

That picture of royal nonesuch in the Hawaiian shirt makes me laugh every time.  I have a few good ones I use for him, but that has been my go-to lately.



haha this thing fires what they call the blown out .50BMG cartridge thing thing shoots a “Darwin bullet”.. so suitable:

Richard-Ryan-12GA-From-Hell1:00 – LOOOOOOOL turned him into rubber.  His shoulder looked like it got knocked back a good 8 inches.  Ouch.

2:04 – Holy his buddy at the end got rocked even worse.  Caught it on the upswing like a boss though to safe face.

I think I’d pass on shooting that.  I eat a lot of cheese, but don’t drink any milk so I’d probably shatter my entire upper body into like 1293 pieces.  I’d have to get some sort of Stephen Hawking chair with that ENDO money just to maintain.

Would you shoot that thing, given the chance?  Doing things just to do them?


One shot, one giggle, one hurt hand:


haha whoa.  Can you imagine shooting 000 buckshot with that?

No information at all on this, besides it was posted on a thai forum… Google translate suggests that the one guy may have made it for his uncle, but that could be an error.

If some reputable company made a version of this, and Glock made a similar version of this the gun world would implode with glee.

Gat tip: SayUncle


This genius:

Yea shotguns are heavy… for starters if you’re too weak to lift them up to line of sight level without using their weight as momentum, maybe you should should reconsider?

I know they’re pumps, but I cringed when he flagged the cameraman with that underarm placement at 0:06.  I thought that’s was when shit was about to go down.

Egypt-Shotgun-Hulls-On-Fingers0:10 – Oh, there we go.  Hoppy McHopperson.

Good to see he never learned his lesson, and went back to doing the same stupid shit.  *smh*

Thoughts?  I tried shooting 000 one handed with a pistol grip 12GA, and it hurt my wrist.  I could hold the gun outright though at least.

Hat tip: SayUncle