1911 fail

1) 1911 is flipped horizontally so ejection is on the wrong side
2) The lettering is all backwards too
3) Classy 2nd trigger photoshopped in
4) Must be spring operated because it apparently shoots both complete cartridge
5) The cartridge appears to be 9mm ( 1911’s are obviously .45 )
6) Is that a muzzle blast flame? or a pee stain
7) Not only is the gun shooting COMPLETE cartridges that are 9mm, but its also somehow ejecting what appears to be .38 special

And to summarize the article ( also filled with fail ) the university does not think there is a chance of a shooting happening there, so they are not really prepared for one.  They set up a txt messaging system shortly after the VA Tech incident, but it seems pretty useless as well considering by the time the messages make their way to the students ( in approximately 30 minutes as it says in the article) the threat will likely be over and the casualties already sustained.


University of Kansas archived paper HERE