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Cool story from this 65 year old judge bro:

Nikki-Turpeaux“If I could I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges, and go dump them in the ocean.  Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. We could save 33,000 people a year if we didn’t have guns in this country.”  then he goes on to spout the usual standard bullshit about how Australia is so great since the Port Arthur massacre and subsequent confiscation, and how no one one has a reason to have guns.

People who make comments like this are pretty much a complete waste of time.  I thought judges were supposed to be smart?

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Another agreement / back patting session in action:

Conrad-The-ConstitutionYa, the 2nd Amendment protects the 1st Amendment.   I feel like I’ve seen these videos 100x before, good message though.

Speaking of the thumbnail pic I chose, I really wish Conrad would come back.

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MrColionNoir-California-No-Right-To-Bear-Arms0:49 – hahha the hunter character is amazing.

2:09 – Noir enters as himself to drop some truuuuuuuuth.

3:34 – Paid for by Ford?  I never though I’d see Noir go from a Range Rover to a Ford.  I’m hoping he’s OT, and that’s just a rental.  Who knows though, maybe some NRA opinion polls showed that Noir was balling too hard and making people salty, so they asked him to pull back on the flex reins a bit?  Haha you never know.

13:17 – mmmm steady streams of brass

Not my favorite episode from an entertainment standpoint, but the message was 100.  The entire past Season 4 was by far the best one yet.


This guy “Joe” asks some people on the street:

Naturally most of the responses are incredibly derpy.  Keep in mind these are the same people who vote.

1:45 – haha the answer is “to have no gun laws”.  This part is pretty good.

4:06 – “What’s wrong is that there’s no regulation.”  Oh?  Tell me more.  “Why should an AK-47 be available to the general public?”  Yea he showed his cards on this one… doesn’t know anything about guns, wants them banned anyway.  NEXT.

5:34 – “9mm glocks that had a standard 15 round clip” *facepalm*

Gun-Control-ChicagoThis video is as annoying as you expect… made even more annoying by the fact it’s 480p.  The comments suggest the video is a few years old though, only to be recently uploaded to YouTube from a different site.


Gat tip: Keijo


I always like hearing what Glenn has to say:

You had me going for the first part Glenn, but the 2nd part kind of threw me.   LOL jk we’re good… I just wanted a segue of some sort where I could mention your last name and speculate that you may be related to Dee and Dennis Reynolds.

Mac-and-Dennis-Always-Sunny-ManhuntersBuying or at least renting a boat again this summer is high on my list.

So in summary: 1) You can’t win without fighting  2) If you have a boat you need to get a mattress for it (because of the implication).



Steven Crowder knocks it out of the park again:

Steven-Crowder-gunshaha awesome. All that stuff has been said before, but it definitely needs to be repeated constantly because some people just don’t get it.  The vid contained clips from one of his other recent funny videos – 2nd Amendment: Liberal Edition… which a lot of people took offense to because of the title alone. Check out that video too if you haven’t already.


Gat tip: Kyle