The top questions Hoffman Tactical gets asked:

0:56 – Why not print with the stock and pistol grip integrated into the lower receiver (like the KP-15 Polymer receiver)?

Different techniques discussed for making lower receivers:

7:07 – Metal casting

9:36 – Using a forged carbon fiber using 3d printed molds

11:00 – Salt remelt method

13:04 – Printing a low infill 3d printed part and filling it with epoxy

14:57 – Where do I find the files?  See the Print Shoot Repeat video on the topic + Hoffman Tactical‘s website.

17:08 – How many rounds do 3d printing firearms last?  Hoffman says he has just over 1000 rounds on his personal 3d printed AR-15.

21:10 – What is the hose clamp for, and why do you use it?

I really enjoy how Hoffman puts a lot of thought and consideration into everything.

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Print Shoot Repeat on it:

The top places for info / files:

And a whole bunch more links in the description of the video, to a bunch of other YouTubers etc..

hahah that old man character is too good. 😂


G17 MI-LF (Modular Integrations – Long Frame), you love to see it:

Booligan Shooting Sports is one of my top 5 favorite 3d2A guys.  He’s always pushing the envelope with cool projects.

For some reason my little pea brain thought that only Microtec made OTF knives (they start at about $300).  The “Lightening Elite” brand he mentions in the video is about $30, and I see a lot of OTF knives on Amazon around the same price too which would probably work.

The printed collection on that pegboard wall behind him looks so good.