80 percent

The RN-K he calls it.  It’s slamfire and you will be able to order it in multiple calibers:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOYa using AR parts is a no-brainer.  Guys in the comments don’t seem all that trilled he decided on this simple slamfire… they wanted a kit for the semi-auto grease gun.  I’d have to agree with everyone on that.  Maybe he will reconsider once he sees the comment outrage.

Naturally there are also several comments similar to this one from wrangww2 LOLOL:

i hope you get someone to weld the guns for you… Your welding gives me cancer



My dudes at Armslist tried this thing out for science:

Polymer-80-Spectre-Glock-Lower-ReceiverWow what a time to be alive.  $160 doesn’t seem to bad either, but keep in mind you’re going to need all the parts to go in this lower PLUS the entire upper.  As he mentioned in the video, LoneWolf carries a lot of Glock slides and parts to go in them, plus they even have their own bootleg Glock compatible slides.  Looks like you’re getting well into brand new Glock price territory by the time you buy all the stuff you need in addition to the 80% lower, but sometimes a cool little project is in order you know?

My biggest concern is using a dremel at a high RPM on plastic.  I had one skip up on me once and almost take a chunk out of my face when I was fooling around on some plastic.

I have another post on this “Ghost Glock” from when it first came out if you want to take a look.



A transparent polymer 80% AR-15 lower receiver from Eighty Percent Lowers:


The announcement was made as a “coming soon” on the EP Lowers facebook page.  People like these 80%’ers because you don’t need to buy them through an FFL.  You’re going to need some tools and some time to finish them though… as you can see in this video it takes around an hour with hand tools if you know what you’re doing.  Definitely a gimmick, but if you need a project to kill some time why not right?  It would be funny if that 2nd polymer that you have to mill out was found to be soluble in some type of solution, so no milling was actually required.  I don’t know the intricacies of 80% law but I’m sure the ATF would shit bricks and shut something like that down though.

They have several colors you can buy their lowers in already, and they are all $100 over on their website.

Thoughts?  Is transparency something that you’re currently lacking in kit and you feel you need?

Hat tip: Eric, Chris