Inspired by MrColionNoir… not duplicating him:

His EDC:

Three reasons why he carries:

AaargoJay-YouTubeHis approchable easygoing type delivery is sure to be a hit.  There really can’t be too many guys like this on youtube (or anywhere for that matter) spreading the word.

I like that quote “In order to be an inspiration you have to be inspired”

AR-15 Builders Club T-ShirtThe man has a mean taste in t-shirts as well *cough* ENDO Apparel *cough*.  Yeah get over it… I post people’s vids who wear my shirts.  I would have posted about this guy anyway though because he’s good… just like I’ve posted about hundreds of other people in the past.

Follow Aaargo Jay on YouTube.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this guy.