Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen is a living and breathing meme, and looks like he trained Keanu:

Keanu is the man.  Everything I’ve ever heard about that guy has been positive.  Aaron Cohen AKA “Cherries” on the other hand and I have a history.  A history of me thinking a lot of his stuff was ridiculously derpy, and then him getting butthurt.  You can click that link and read some past posts.  Naturally most of the videos are gone from the internet now.  Frankly I’m happy for him and impressed he could land a gig like this.  People often think the people I poke fun at I don’t like for whatever reason, which is totally not the case.  I don’t know Aaron or anyone else in real life, so I’m just going by what I see in the stuff they present to the internet.

If Keanu’s style in John Wick 2 is going to be to crouch down and push his ass out and punch the handgun out, the movie is going to look drastically different from the first.  That said, I don’t know anything about movies, so maybe what we’re seeing in this video is going to translate amazingly to film, and we’re all going to be blown away.  The trailer for the movie that’s out shows some gun handling, but it’s mostly quick cuts as expected.  Looks like there might be a couple things taken from this training.  The movie comes out Feb 10, 2017 so I guess we’ll see then.

Starting at around 2:35 with the AR-15 I have to wonder why Arron didn’t immediately show Keanu how to fix the issue with the sling interfering.  It looked very frustrating.  Maybe I shouldn’t ever be questioning these things with Aaron though, because as far as I know it’s probably an “Israeli method”.

sad_keanu4:33 – Keanu is using Cherries own “Medina” below the waistband holster which requires a pocket assisted draw, the holster is $50 on his website if you’re thinking you need it in your life.  *shrug* I’m not sold on the idea.

Thoughts?  I don’t know guys… I just don’t know.  Maybe the production company just wanted Keanu to get a feel for a whole bunch of different ways of doing things, so he could then use bits and pieces.  We already have seen him train with Taran Butler, and if that just makes two that’s we’ve heard of there might be a lot more training schools who aren’t so quick to flex on the internet.

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Oh wow:

This shirt is $70, and you should definitely buy it if you like the idea.

You might recognize Aaron Cohen from a post I did yesterday on his TIER 1 Israeli training (which is evidently far too advanced for most of us to understand).  Aaron is so TIER AF, he actually posted this in the comments on one of yesterday’s videos:

In order to comment, you will need to state your name and professional background(Branch, unit/mos/operational experience) or your comment will be deleted. This is a tactigoober-free zone. We’re not interested in hearing your thoughts on on immediate entries, diamond formations, carbine and whatever else you think you’re a master in…we’ve all learned what’s out there and don’t care. We’re here to advance the tactical evolution and advocate a safer and more lethal way of killing terrorists…not bicker with close minded followers who don’t question tactics and only preach what they were taught.

You read it… That’s correct; Aaron doesn’t have time for your bullshit unless you’re an operator.   Oh and check this video out from SHOT show:

Rick-RossIf the first video wasn’t funny enough, here he is in full “costume” (this is an act / character isn’t it?  I sure hope so) getting Larry Vuitton’s opinion.  I laughed when I saw him rip down the pocket to demonstrate the showing of the POLICE patch… but I absolutely lost my shit when Larry was like “CCW (holds up patch), I don’t see any downside to it”.  HAHAHAH too good.  I love how the video is also titled “See what Larry Vickers top-pick product was of shot show 2016″… yeeeaaaaaaaah… not misleading and false at all.

Thoughts?  Would operate in this shirt?  Would rock it with your concealed carry pants and concealed carry neck ID?  Oh and naturally with another gun in your ABDO Holster?

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Israeli SF (Duvdevan) TIER 1 operator Aaron Cohen:

haha is this guy for real?  It appears so.

Those videos… too TIER for me.  I’d tap out and drink Capri Sun and eat falafel on the sidelines.  Maybe I’ll have to Take Aaron’s “Advanced Shuffle” course first, then I could hang.

I’m fully convinced anyone at all can be a firearms instructor and fill up classes.  You just have to have arrogance mixed with confidence, mixed with a curriculum containing some outlandishly bizarre components that you pass off as being “operator”.

What’s this pulling the charging handle every time at the start of the drill thing he has going on?  This isn’t Israel, it’s Venice California… Since when does US Law Enforcement not have one in the chamber?

Aaron-Cohen-TIER1-SOF-IsraeliIf you like what you see in the videos, by all means hit up Aaron at Cherries Covert Ops to attend his Counter-Terror National Training Center in Venice California.  Pick up some cargo pants, New Balance runners, aviator sunglasses, trucker hat, and an extra smedium v-neck t-shirt once you book your class.  Showing up without those key items will make you look like a chump, and Aaron will automatically know you’re not tier.


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