Aaron Elbaze

Oy vey, the shiksa defense mindset of Aaron Elbaze:

Where everyone is issued a right knee-pad and a sweet black screen printed team shirt.  Between carrying unloaded guns, and their wacky range shenanigans I just can’t take the Israelis seriously when it comes to the firearms training videos I’ve seen.

0:21 – LOL great start to the video. The pistol bastardized bumpfire spray and pray really sets the tone.

What’s the bullshit Krav Maga angle of all this?  Is that the finesse part like how they hold their hand out while they are shooting (2:12) and then run down to the target and mime tactically facepalming it?  Is it the sweet synchronized moves at 2:25?  Nothing like shooting and pausing at the same time when engaging someone who’s shooting back.  Oh well, as long as you’re looking cool and making noise.

2:47 – wtf is that?  “The feel good terrorist room”?  Where you can feel good about yourself for killing 12 paper bad guys, while convincing yourself your speediness and low drag will translate to real life?

Israeli-Krav-Maga-ShootingOperator-In-HebrewI took the liberty of googling the hebrew translation of operator for you guys.

These guys have a website called Krav Maga OIS which isn’t in English, but has some very HSLD photos on it.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Van