accidental discharge

You can tell this guy loves the sound of his own voice:

This is one of the many things that worries me about apartment living.  You just have no idea what kind of dumbasses live next to you.

Remember do not load a CLIP of ammunition into the rifle.  Do not advance a round into the chamber.  Keep it on safe, and do not pull the trigger when you are in your own apartment.

If your rifle takes magazines i’m sure he would tell you the same rules apply.

I’m also thinking this guy might have broke into his neighbors apartment after he fired the shot, and probably knocked and no one answered.  Why else would the lights all be off?  That person is going to be PISSED when they come home.

Hat tip: Adrien H.


Dude.. have some self respect.

If you forgot why Plaxico Burress spent two years in jail for some gun related stupidity, check my past post – HERE

Considering Plaxico’s time in jail wasn’t related to “gun violence” I don’t see how this really relates to the Brady campaign. Oh right, their endgame is actually to ban all guns PERIOD, so they will find any excuse to make them look bad.


Start watching at 1:20:

They are all very casual about it. By the look of the video, the muzzle wasn’t downrange where it should have been.  The camera man even said he almost shot the car (assuming he meant truck) which is quite obviously right next to them, not downrange… so that could have turned out a lot worse.

Also, sweet chicken wing (pictured left) when he starts shooting.  LOL

I’m confident Darwin will get another chance with these guys if the unsafe practices continue.



From Harper's Weekly, April 16,1904

Remember… Iver Johnson Revolvers ARE NOT TOYS: THEY SHOOT STRAIGHT AND KILL … but Papa says it wont hurt us, it’s absolutely safe, and an accidental discharge is impossible.

FACT: U.S. President William McKinley and Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy were killed by assassins using Iver Johnson Revolvers ( Source – Wiki )

Letting your daughter take a break from playing with boring dolls to play with the revolver instead definitely deserves a father of the year award.