Adam Savage

Adam Savage speaks on it:

Starting at 3:52.  Interesting!  I just assumed they filmed that show in a free state.  I suppose just like anything, once you know the hoops to jump through it just becomes a formality to get permits and what not.

I wasn’t aware of the “cannonball incident”.. LOL HOLY, not ideal.


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Good stuff:

I just skipped around because I didn’t want to spoil anything.  I have yet to see Blade Runner 2049, but plan on it soon.



This guy does some cool stuff:

32 minutes long… I just skipped around but there might be a bunch of interesting info I don’t know.

NERF gun mods are pretty badass.  I posted some other realistically painted nerf guns a long time ago.



The guy best known for his work on Mythbusters:

Mythbusters-Gun-SuppressorsWow a lot of cool stuff in there.  Organized chaos in most of it for sure.  He definitely knows what he’s doing!

If you could pick out one thing what would you want?  I’d probably pick the ejection seat from the jet… or the lathe.


Since I’m not a Star Wars nerd I thought this was going to be boring, but it’s actually quite interesting:

Incredible attention to detail.  As they mention in the video, there is a whole thread on a fan forum called Replica Prop Forum (RPF) which is dedicated to researching the detail of the Han Solo blaster and sourcing all the components.

StarWarsThere is a huge article over at Tested detailing the story of how fans recreated the original blaster down to the last detail.

I would have preferred them to build this on a real Mauser C96, but this is still quite cool.  Quite the workshop they have there! MYTH: BUSTED! uh wait.. there wasn’t a myth.