aero precision

Because less is more and lighter is better:


Naturally since it’s a tiny bit different than a regular AR-15 lower, arm chair operators nationwide are throwing money at the screen.  Additionally, psudeo operators are also complaining that they operate too hard for a lower receiver where the internals are exposed to the elements, and it would definitely malfunction.  Cool starry bras… check the obligatory dirt/rocks test if you’re skeptical.

SkeletorAnyway, if you’re looking for a 32% weight reduction, and a look that not all your mom’s coffee friends have on their AR-15s then this might be the rifle lower for you.



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Aero Precision is quick on their feet, and clever as _ _ _ _:


Remember California State Senator Kevin de Leon’s comments where he coined the stupid term “ghost guns”?  Well Tacoma, Washington’s own Aero Precision is no doubt heading straight to the bank (haaaa ha ha ha ha haaaa ha ha ha ha haaaa) on a daily basis after coming up with the above AR-15 lower receiver.

Everything about that receiver is pure win.  Democrat safe position… .30 caliber clip fire, and /Half Sec auto LOL.  So Operator.

$105 over at Aero Precision.