Oh lawwwwwd.  This is so excessive and I love it:

50-BMG-AK-RifleLOL amazing right?  I knew about this for a bit *industry insider flex* but had to keep my mouth shut.  So awesome.

TheAKGuy-ENDOI’m looking forward to seeing updates and actual production prototypes having rounds run through them.

Brandon TheAKGuy has been working very hard on this for a while, and I’m happy for him that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear.

If you like the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt he’s rocking, ENDO Apparel is the spot of course.  Available in multiple colors, and may turn you into an AK god.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Cool I guess?  These live demonstrations seem kind of pointless though:

Ya it damn well better stop the rounds it is intended to stop.  Because of the ridiculousness of the demonstration, the cost of the Mercedes, and the cost of armoring it, they know that making the video like this will definitely get exposure.  What a terrible video though wow haha.   At least it got the point across that the glass works.  Their website Texas Armoring Corporation is extremely terrible looking too.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of the GL Class… it’s alright looking I guess but definitely has that “Grocery getter / soccer mom” look to it.  If I was going to do a Mercedes-Benz SUV I’d do the G Class, or the ML even in a pinch rather than the GL.   Yea yea I know the GL is long and can hold / tow more etc.. but you know that a high percentage of these will never be used for any of that.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-Wieldhaha ricochets at 2:54 and 2:56 damaged the lighting.

Thoughts?  Anyone else think that Shoothouse Puzikas should have made a cameo?

Hat tip: Joe, Kevin, Jim


There is a LOT of AK videos coming out this year.  FPS Russia does some cool stuff:

Ugh that accent is getting real old.  It was heavy this time but didn’t even sound remotely Russian.

3:20 – The chicken man?!  haha that’s pretty good.

FPS-RussiaK this video was interesting… he’s getting better again.   Hope we see creativity like this from now on, but with added enthusiasm.



The “Syrian chicken wing”:

Trigger discipline is for newbs.  Sweet move keeping the stock under the armpit too.

I wish I understood the language, or knew the back story.  Why are they all hiding behind that wall?  Are they fighting with someone down the street?  The guy helping her seems reluctant to stick out too far.


Perfect barrel length and stock configuration for a little girl.


Hat tip: Kyrstian


A preview of her new song “Cake” and a shoot she did with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson:

Posted in the trap strapped with the AK / aiming at your fitted cap / cake like Lady Gaga

IIIIIIIIIIIInteresting….  I’ve gotta say I do like the new “Lana Del Rey” pinup type look she’s got going on.

You can listen to the entire song below:

I’m pretty sure she made the song as a gag, but you never know. Talented girl, definitely a weirdo though.



Not a single f**k was given:

Safety is the last thing on their minds.   Lots of AKs… short barreled ones, underfolders etc… I even spot chrome and gold ones!  Nice looking place, and they keep their cars clean too.  It’s amazing no one died.  Can you imagine how much of a damper that would put on the celebration?

It’s a wedding right?  Where are the girls at?  Maybe they were smart and didn’t want anything to do with the shenanigans?

Hat tip: Krystian