High rate of fire on these:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDODamn right?  Those things are quick.  Glad to see Dugan is back making videos, even if they are only 30 seconds long.

I’m sure we’ll see some vids from him at SHOT show this year.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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If you’re asking why… predictably the answer is BECAUSE ‘MERICA:

Free country.  Hell, as you can see he doesn’t even need to wear eye pro if he doesn’t want to… that’s freedom my friends.

Meat-America-Dont-Treat-On-MeatWord on the street is that after this video, that guy drank a tall can of a locally produced microbrew, ate a 40 oz. steak, and then flew home on an eagle.

Hat tip: TFB


Jerry Miculek is a machine… a terminator:

Malk-Julian-SmithOk well his hit percentage with the left hand wasn’t that impressive… so I guess he is human.  Still amazing though.



Richard Ryan has no love for Google Glass:

The recent team-up of Luxottica with Google glass has me excited, because I know I’m getting close to finally being able to get some hipster frames such as classic RayBan’s with Google Glass in them.

The ROF on the Kriss always blows my mind.  Really cool seeing that big .45 come out of the suppressor. I’m surprised how much the upper and lower parts of the gun move.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtIt’s still unconfirmed whether or not Richard did this ENTIRE video outside the Marriott.  I’m going with YES… yes he did.

hahaha wow… seeing Richard dual wield the Kriss’ with the ENDO Apparel Deagle t-shirt on made my day.

Thoughts? Is Google Glass something you’re excited about getting someday?


This is worth watching:

When I saw the video was almost 14 min long I never thought I would be able to make it… it’s actually really interesting though.


A lot of good history regarding movies and dual wielding too.

I really felt old after seeing the release date on some of those games I used to play haha.

<— Pictured is “Tactical Snookie” with two Deagle brand Deagles.



One of the gun store guys gives it a go:

Those things are vicious.  I’m thinking it’s probably good he didn’t attempt to shoulder both of them and fire, because i’m assuming that could end badly if it wasn’t nice and snug when the trigger was pulled.

Is that an actual camera man down range? Or do you think it’s just rolling on a tripod in this case? :P